Dec. 1-4 , 2005
An original play by Randy Wyatt
Directed by Erik E. Tonner
Scenic Design by Allen Wright Shannon
Lighting Design by Matt Landwehr
Costume Design by Leah Williams

Gordon (Mike McNamee) an American graduate student, has his first face-to-face meeting with his dissertation advisor, Carmen (Angelyn Eve Faust).

After he is magically transported to 1849 England, Gordon strikes up a friendship with Peter Mark Roget (Jason Stone), the subject of his dissertation.

Gordon also learns that Kate, Roget's daughter and virtual twin for his advisor, Carmen, is a good daughter.

Carmen is also playful when dealing with her father.

Finally, Kate is a good listener for Gordon, who finds himself falling in love with her.

Ultimately, however, he finds theirs is a love that cannot last.

All photos by Mike Lagerquist

Intrigued by the modern controversy over the erosion of English, hot-shot doctoral student Gordon rents the same London flat in which Peter Mark Roget wrote his famous thesaurus.

The next morning, Gordon wakes up in 1849, where he meets Roget's independent and beguiling daughter Kate. The following day he finds himself back in the present, and meets his no-nonsense project advisor, Carmen–who is a doppleganger of Kate Roget. Day by day the years fly backward and forward, but Gordon has only one month in this mysterious place to decide on his own definitions of language, time, passion and love.

Playwright Randy Wyatt is a second-year MFA candidate in Directing at MSU. Individual tickets will go on sale Nov. 22.

Randy Wyatt is a second-year MFA Directing student at Minnesota State. His adaptation of Brave Little Tailor was performed by the MSU children's theatre touring company last year and his original work, Rising Sun, Rising Moon, will be performed January-March 2006. Last year, his original Sonata Blue was honored at the Region V Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival. In addition, a collection of his short plays has just been selected for publication. The Department of Theatre & Dance has entered Synonymy as a participating production with KCACTF; if selected, it will be performed in January at the Region V Festival in Fargo/Moorhead with the possibility that it will be selected for a performance at the Kennedy Center.

Playwright Randy Wyatt, who played the title character in the MSU production of Galileo, will have his collection of short plays published through Playscripts, Inc., which is considered more and more to be the hottest publisher of contemporary work around.  Names like Lisa D'Amour, Melanie Marnich, John Walch, Lee Blessing are all getting their work published there now.  The ten 10-minute comedies about language and misunderstanding is called "Said and Meant."

It is hoped that the printing will be complete by March 2006. Randy also is having a monologue published in the Playwright's Center Monologue Collection through Heinneman Press.