Tales of the Lost Formicans
November 6-9, 2003
Directed by Janice Marie Wolf
Scenic Design by Sara Nett & Andy Owen
Lighting Design by Steve Smith
Costume Design by Racheal Crissinger

The Aliens (left to right): Alex Beerling, Matthew Atwood and Jason Kruger


Jim (Colin Wood) confronts a truck driver (Alex Beerling). Is it real or in his mind?

The family dynamics in the family are horrible. Ask Eric (Lou Olsen) and his mom, Cathy (Jennifer Steiskal).

Jerry (Perry Thrun) finds himself the main attraction at an alien ritual.

Cathy (Jennifer Steiskal) and Judy (Amber Maser) share a moment of calm anger.

Cathy and Jerry find resolution.


All photos by Mike Lagerquist