To Gillian on Her 37th Birthday
April 25-28, 2002
Directed by Amanda Petefish-Schrag
Scenic Design by Eric Gebhard
Lighting Design by Tim Krueger
Costume Design by Lisa Rae Windloss

David (Tyler Sonnek) watches as his daughter Rachel (Heather
Vaughan, left) and her best friend Cindy (Katie Clyne) fight
over who will keep the star charts.


Rachel (Heather Vaughan) has a conversation with her aunt and uncle
Paul and Esther (Mark Bailey and Jennifer Steiskal).

Rachel (Heather Vaughan) visits the island's lighthouse with Kevin (Julie Funk)
and discovers her mother's favorite hat in her duffel bag.


The ghost of Gillian (Emily Fradenburgh, center) contributes to a conversation between David
(Tyler Sonnek, right), Kevin (Julie Funk), Esther (Jennifer Steiskal), Rachel (Heather Vaughan) and
Paul (Mark Bailey), while Cindy (Katie Clyne, foreground) feels left out.

David (Tyler Sonnek, foreground) comes to realize that he must go on without Gillian (Emily Fradenburgh)
and take a larger role in the life of their daughter Rachel (Heather Vaughan).

All photos by Mike Lagerquist


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