The Typists & Haiku
Sept. 22-25, 2005
The Typists directed by Rosie Willenbring
Haiku directed by Tim Housand
Scenic Design by Matthew Landwehr
Lighting Design by Corey Krolikowski
Costume Design by Amanda Ytzen

Paul (Douglas E. Castle) introduces himself to his new co-worker, Sylvia (Anna Bredl) in the opening scene of The Typists.

After they've been working together for some years, the chemistry starts to kick in ... though to different degrees.

Paul shows Sylvia some of the great talents he's developed over the years of typing.

Louise (Kiala Rae Fett, right) celebrates while her mother, Nell (Mallory Martin, center) looks on happily and her sister, Billie (Lucy Hinton) looks on warily in Haiku.

Nell shows loving attention to her daughter.

Billie finally comes to a realization while looking at the book of poetry dedicated to her ... written by Louise.

All photos by Mike Lagerquist