The Wizard of Oz
Sept. 30-Oct. 3, Oct. 7-10 & 14-17, 2004

Directed by Paul J. Hustoles
Scenic Design by Tom Bliese
Lighting Design by Steven Smith
Costume Design by David McCarl

Choreography by Paul Finocchiaro

Dorothy Gale (Elizabeth Eden) protects Toto (Vaida Tupy) from the plans of Miss Gulch (Krystyn Spratt). Looking on are her Aunt Em (Mary Visser) and Uncle Henry (George E. Grubb) between them and the farmhands, Zeke (Brad Willcuts), Hickory (Christopher Arn Kind) and Hunk (Trick Danneker).

When Dorothy and Toto are swept away to Oz, they are greeted by the Munchkins and Glinda, the Good Witch (Akia Shenise Fleming).

Among the Munchkins are the Lollipop Guild (left) and the Lullaby League (right).

After instructions from the Munchkins, Dorothy sets off down the Yellow Brick Road to find the Wizard of Oz.

With the help of the Scarecrow (Trick Danneker), who she met along the road, Dorothy comes across the Tinman (Christopher Arn Kind) and a not-so-friendly grove of Apple Trees: Liz Dowd, Carrie Soler and Jacleen Olson.

After adding the Cowardly Lion (Brad Willcuts) to their number, they're Off to See the Wizard.

Despite being overseen by Glinda, the foursome is put under a spell by the Wicked Witch in the form of the poppies.

The Wicked Witch (Krystyn Spratt) calls on Nikko and the winged monkeys to help her capture Dorothy.

Despite their success in bringing back the witch's broomstick, they discover that the Wizard (André LeTendre) is a humbug.

With the help of her ruby slippers, Dorothy is able to go home to Kansas.


All photos by Mike Lagerquist