Zeusical at Olympus
January-March 2016
Written and directed by Michael Sheeks
Music and lyrics by Maureen O'Malley
Scene Design by Jake Sullivan
Costume Design by Jaclyn Britz

The “regular kids” at Olympus Elementary are interrupted by a new student who doesn’t seem to have any magical powers.
Despite their efforts to make him feel welcome, he is different enough from everyone else that being welcoming and accepting is a challenge.

It takes the students time to realize that accepting people because of their differences can enhance their own lives.

In fact, despite the new student's lack of magical powers, he is able to unlock the mystery and power of the
Rubik's Cube, which is the tool to set their teacher free from chains put upon her by an angry monster.

Celebrating differences leads to a better experience for them all.

At Olympus, everyone is welcome and everyone is special.