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Traffic Control Program Policies

  1. All Traffic Control Program student workers will be required to work at Residence Hall Move in Day.
    1. The event is the Wednesday before Fall Semester classes convene.
    2.  Students must be registered for fall classes (registration of summer classes is not required). 
    3. Failure to work at this event will prohibit a student from working for the regular semester.  Exceptions will be made on a case by case basis.  Requests for time off must be submitted in writing a week prior to the scheduled date for Residence Hall Move in Day.  The department supervisor reserves the right to approve, modify, or deny each request.
  2. More than 1 (one) oral reprimand or violation of any of the below standards will result in
    suspension or other disciplinary sanctions up and/or including termination of employment.
  3. Each employee is required to work at least 1 (one) special event per semester.
  4. If the student employee witnesses an accident they needs to call security (ext. 2111) immediately.
    Following the incident you need to report it to Facilities Services(ext. 5466).
  5. The employee is required to remain in the intersection 30 minutes prior to the hour until 30 minutes
    after the hour, thereafter must remain in visual contact with the intersection when warming up.
    The student employee is also required to alleviate congestion during warming time when necessary.
  6. The student employee is allowed to warm up inside the nearest MSU building or vehicle next to the intersection
    during off peak times for no more than 10 minutes. The student employee must remain in visual contact from the
    intersection at all times.
  7. The employee is expected to work during inclimate weather unless notified via website, email,
    or from Facilities Services.
  8. When time sheets are due they must be received by close of business on Tuesday. We do not submit late, incomplete,
    or non-legible time sheets. Time sheets must be filled out daily and recorded in minutes only. An improperly
    filled out timesheet will result in suspension or other disciplinary sanctions up and/or including
    termination of employment.
  9. Work hours for each student employee will be established by the department supervisor prior
    to the beginning of each semester and strictly adhered to by the student worker. A copy of the
    Sapproved schedule will be given to each student employee.
  10. Temporary changes to the approved work schedule should be requested by the student employee
    at least 24 hours in advance. The department supervisor reserves the right to approve, modify,
    or deny each request.
  11. Excessive work schedule changes and absences will not be tolerated and subject the student
    employee to disciplinary sanctions.
  12. Department equipment will not be used for personal use unless specifically approved by the
    department supervisor and reimbursement provided by the student employee. Use of department
    computers to complete classroom assignment is not advised.
  13. Appropriate clothing attire will be worn on-the-job by each student employee.
    Not allowed: torn and dirty clothing, clothing with holes, muscle shirts, ect.
  14. Each guard is issued only 1 (one) set of gear. Any items that are lost, stolen, or damaged not
    because of normal use, are replaced at the student employees expense.
  15. Student employees should wear name tags whenever possible. Name tags are to be provided
    by the employing department. Customers should be able to easily identify student employees.
  16. Each student employee is required to follow safety procedures set forth by their supervisor.
  17. Keys that are issued to student employees are for work purposes only an are to be returned at
    the end of their work shift. Exceptions are made if the student worker on occasion must open up
    the work area or stays late.
  18. Personal phone calls can be made with prior supervisor approval; however, they should be
    limited to 3 minutes. AT NO TIME should long-distance personal phone calls be made at the
    departments expense. Personal emailing and using the internet for personal business is provided.
  19. Stealing is prohibited and is cause for immediate dismissal or other severe sanction.
  20. Each worker is expected to maintain a minimum GPA of 2.0 and satisfactory academic progress.
  21. It is expected that student workers do not become delinquent on any of their payments to MSU.
  22. Student workers do not get paid for eating as they are employed on an hourly basis. 15 minute
    breaks if the student works four consecutive hours.