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Minnesota State University, Mankato

Minnesota State University, Mankato
Undergraduate Research Center

Become a Mentor

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How to become a faculty mentor:

1. Consider how students can fit into your research plans. Think about what an undergraduate student could help you with. Do your graduate students need assistance? Can you identify a portion of your research project that would be do-able for an undergraduate? Remember, for an undergraduate, the experience is the transformation process.

2. Identify undergraduate students to work with you. As faculty, you have have the ability to recruit students through courses and advising. In addition, other faculty may be able to assist you in identify a potential student researcher. Colleagues may be receptive to making an announcement in their courses. Post your research opportunity to this site via our faculty input form. Finally, ask your conference coordinator for assistance.

3. Define your expectations of the student. We recommend the following:

  • Have the student provide a weekly schedule, including the number of hours the student will be working on the research project.
  • Discuss your expectations.
  • Determine how you will communicate. Consider weekly meetings, e-mail updates, etc.
  • Define the the student's project and how progress should be documented.
  • Discuss funding opportunities and dissemination of results.

4. Consider internal and external funding opportunities.

  • For faculty, the Research and Sponsored Programs (RASP) office is an amazing, supportive resource. Information is available thru the office regarding both external and internal funding. Contact the Director of RASP for more information. In addition, summer funding for faculty is available.
  • For students, funding is available through the Undergraduate Research Center.