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Graduate Research Consultant

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You can play a crucial role in helping undergraduates to engage in the University’s research mission, in addition to serving as a mentor for an undergraduate project.

You can encourage undergraduates to explore their options for original work.

You can also help to connect undergraduates to faculty whom they might not     otherwise know.


The Graduate Research Consultant (GRC) Program was developed to increase research opportunities for undergraduates in courses. The GRC encourages and supports instructors who want to transform course projects or assignments into research projects. By research projects, we mean opportunities in which students use the methods of the discipline to pose questions, apply those methods in investigation, and communicate formally their findings to others. Since an important aspect of performing authentic research is disseminating the results, we ask that your course includes a mechanism for students to communicate their findings publicly; for example, via a class presentation, a poster session, a website, etc. So that faculty can develop, guide, and evaluate the research component, we compensate advanced graduate students (Graduate Research Consultants) to work with the instructor and the students during the concentrated period of the course when the students are planning, carrying out and communicating their research.


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