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Minnesota State University, Mankato

Minnesota State University, Mankato
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The Graduate Research Consultant (GRC) Program was developed to increase research opportunities for undergraduates in courses. The URC encourages and supports instructors who want to transform course projects or assignments into research projects. By research projects, we mean opportunities in which students use the methods of the discipline to pose questions, apply those methods in investigation, and communicate formally their findings to others. Since an important aspect of performing authentic research is disseminating the results, we ask that your course includes a mechanism for students to communicate their findings publicly; for example, via a class presentation, a poster session, a website, etc. So that faculty can develop, guide, and evaluate the research component, we compensate advanced graduate students (Graduate Research Consultants) to work with the instructor and the students during the concentrated period of the course when the students are planning, carrying out and communicating their research.

You can participate in the GRC program as the Graduate Research Consultant for a specific undergraduate course. Since the individual faculty members find and select the GRC for their courses, you can encourage a faculty member in your department to submit a GRC course proposal for a new or existing course and offer to be the GRC for the course if the proposal is funded. In addition, you may register your interest with the URC and the GRC Program by submitting an application of interest found below. We will send your information to faculty teaching GRC courses who contact us for GRC recommendations.

A Graduate Research Consultant can provide faculty and classes invaluable support by guiding students through their research projects from beginning to end. They can help students learn particular research methodologies and be available for consultation throughout the semester. GRCs are expected to work a minimum of 30 hours over the course of the semester and are paid up to $450 through the Undergraduate Research Center.

If you are selected to serve as a GRC, the faculty member will communicate your name to the URC staff. During the first month of the semester, you will receive a communication asking you to provide the information needed to process your stipend.

There are several ways in which a GRC is different from a TA. The major difference is that a GRC "coaches" students, but does not grade their work. The GRC has extended knowledge in research methodology. Additionally, a GRC does not attend all of the class sessions. Instead, GRCs can be available for individual or group consultation outside of class hours or they might attend selected classes. It is important for the graduate mentor to understand the requirements and the undergraduate to understand them also.

Applications must be returned to:
Dr. Karla Lassonde, Director-URC
265 Morris Hall
Mankato, MN 56001

[PDF] GRC Application (62 KiB)


For more information about how you might become a GRC, please contact