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Minnesota State University, Mankato

Minnesota State University, Mankato
Undergraduate Research Center

JUR Volume 3 (2003)

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Boredom Proneness and its Relation to Repetitive Behavior

Author: Jessica M Wurdak
Dept: Psychology
Faculty Mentor: Edison Perdomo

[PDF] Chromosome Counts for Packera paupercula Variety Gypsophila (361 KiB)

Author: Chad Larson
Dept: Biological Sciences
Faculty Mentor: Alison Mahoney

[PDF] Consolidating democracy or stopping at polyarchy? An evaluation of the Chamorro administration in Nicaragua (1990-1997) (337 KiB)

Author: Roland D. McKay
Dept: Political Science
Faculty Mentor: Thomas Schierholz

[PDF] Effects of Popular Music on Memorization Tasks (36 KiB)

Authors: Kristin Sandberg and Sarah Harmon
Dept: Psychology
Faculty Mentor: Rosemary Krawczyk

[PDF] Health Risks Caused By Wireless Technologies (41 KiB)

Authors: DurreShahwar ZafarAhmed and Qurrat-ul-Ain ZafarAhmed
Dept: Management
Faculty Mentor: Rakesh Kawatra

[PDF] Inferences in Log-Rate Models (90 KiB)

Authors: Herbert C. Heien and William A. Baumann
Dept: Mathematics/Statistics
Faculty Mentor: Mezbahur Rahman

[PDF] Possible Psychological Effects of Ultrasound Scanning on Women (130 KiB)

Author: Hang Wu
Dept: Psychology
Faculty Mentor: Lee S. Tesdell

[PDF] RAD CAR: Restructuring of the chassis and body (92 KiB)

Authors: Chris Hadfield and Dale LaRue
Dept: Automotive Engineering Technology
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Bruce Jones

[PDF] The Effects of Room Color on Stress Perception: Red Versus Green Environments (33 KiB)

Author: Teresa M. Kutchma
Dept: Behavioral Sciences
Faculty Mentor: Edison Perdomo

[PDF] Using Social Cognitive Theory to Predict Behavior (36 KiB)

Authors: Gretchen Walker and Amy Posner
Dept: Recreation, Parks and Leisure Services
Faculty Mentor: James B. Wise

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