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Minnesota State University, Mankato

Minnesota State University, Mankato
Undergraduate Research Center

JUR Volume 4 (2004)

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[PDF] A Burkian Pentadic Analysis of MSU Riot Narratives (32 KiB)

Author: Joseph Mohrfeld
Dept: Speech Communications
Faculty Mentor: James Dimock

[PDF] An Economic Analysis of Small-Scale Biodiesel Production: Implementation of Ethyl Ester Production in a Job Shop Setting (196 KiB)

Authors: Scott Haase, Benjamin Craig
Dept: Manufacturing Engineering Technology
Faculty Mentor: Ann Goebel

[PDF] Comparison Of Optimization Techniques In Large Scale Transportation Problems (60 KiB)

Author: Tapojit Kumar
Dept: Computer and Information Sciences
Faculty Mentor: Susan M. Schilling

[PDF] Comparison of sequence alignment algorithms (45 KiB)

Author: Tejas Gandhi
Dept: Computer Science
Faculty Mentors Christophe Veltsos, Timothy Secott

[PDF] Correlation Between Health And Stress (105 KiB)

Author: Hang Wu
Dept: Psychology
Faculty Mentor: Edison Perdomo

[PDF] Distinguishing Observed Inattentive Behaviors In The College Classroom As They Correlate To Brain Wave Activity Utilizing A Wireless Electroencephalograph (31 KiB)

Authors: Christopher J. Aura and Matthew R. Stanton
Dept: Psychology
Faculty Mentor: Edison Perdomo

[PDF] Effects Of Race On Attractiveness Ratings And Individuals Physical Attractiveness Stereotype (20 KiB)

Author: Aaron Karst
Dept: Psychology
Faculty Mentor: Edison Perdomo

[PDF] Histological Evaluation Of The Cryo-Destruction Of The Zona Glomerulosa (Outermost Layer) Of The Adrenal Cortex (423 KiB)

Authors: Huda Ahmed and Jonida Pone
Dept: Biological Sciences
Faculty Mentor: Penny Knoblich

[PDF] Investigating Changing Moral Boundaries Through Tattooing (47 KiB)

Author: Nikolas L. Proehl
Dept: Sociology
Faculty Mentor: Tom Schmid

[PDF] Losing Innocence (22 KiB)

Author: Amanda Nigon
Dept: English
Faculty Mentor: Richard Robbins

[PDF] Nisin Resistance Of Bacillus Cerus: Preparation Of Nisin (29 KiB)

Author:Peter Weber
Dept: Biological Sciences
Faculty Mentor: Dorothy Wrigley

[PDF] Performance Sculpture -- An Exploratory Collaboration Between Sculpture And Dance (1,008 KiB)

Authors:Cesia G. Kearns
Dept: Art
Faculty Mentors: Thomas Bliese and James Johnson

[PDF] Political Attitudes Towards The Bush Administration By Ethnic And Racial Groups (88 KiB)

Authors:Amber Elzen, Mai Inoue and Julianna Koomen
Dept: Ethnic Studies
Faculty Mentor: Yueh-Ting Lee

[PDF] Spatial Intelligence And the Ability to Comprehend And Execute Textual/Graphical Instructions (26 KiB)

Author:Anthony Wacholtz
Dept: Technical Communication
Faculty Mentor: David Engen

[PDF] The Innate Immune Response In Eisenia Fetida To Microbial Challenges (230 KiB)

Author:Aaron Schindler
Dept: Biological Science
Faculty Mentor: Dorothy Wrigley

[PDF] William Blake: The Misunderstood Artist Of The 19th Century (34 KiB)

Author:Jeannie Campe
Dept: English/French
Faculty Mentor: Mary Susan Johnston

[PDF] Wireless Location Determination: Using Existing 802.11 Wireless Networks To Determine A Users Location (195 KiB)

Author:Travis Calvert
Dept: Computer Science
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Steven Case

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Editor: Barb Bergman
Faculty reviewer: Kimberly Contag
Student peer reviewer: Grace Mlady