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Minnesota State University, Mankato

Minnesota State University, Mankato
Undergraduate Research Center

JUR Volume 5 (2005)

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[PDF] An Ethnographic Study Of The Communication Practices Of A Recovering Alcoholic During The First Month Of Sobriety (172 KiB)

Author: Lianna Erickson
Dept: Speech Communications

[PDF] Applying Early Existential Critiques To Contemporary Themes In American Culture (131 KiB)

Authors: Erik S. Berquist and Derek J. Skillings
Dept: Philosophy and Open Studies

[PDF] Bird Keeping And Lung Cancer (194 KiB)

Authors: Andrew Tackmann, Jonathan Hellman and Jamie Johnson
Dept: Mathematics and Statistics

[PDF] Campus Paper Waste (120 KiB)

Author: Joshua E. Randall
Dept: Speech Communication

[PDF] Communication Apprehension And Its Relationship To Gender And College Year (173 KiB)

Authors: Jodi Frantz, Amber Marlow and Jennifer Wathen
Dept: Huntington College

[PDF] Comparative Analysis Of Urban Design And Criminal Behavior: A Study Of New Urbanism And Defensible Space As They Pertain To Crime (292 KiB)

Author: Afton Enger
Dept: Urban And Regional Studies

[PDF] Designing An Articulation-Agreement Database For The College Of Science And Engineering And Technology Advising Center (422 KiB)

Authors: Stephanie Fasen, Susan Hendley, Tim Pham and Danish Zaman.
Depts: Electrical And Computer Engineering And Technology, English, Computer And Information Sciences and Computer And Information Sciences

[PDF] Disraeli, Gladstone, An The Reform Act Of 1867 (233 KiB)

Author: Justin Vossen
Dept: History

[PDF] Effects Of Brownian Motion On The Millikan Oil Drop Experiment (235 KiB)

Authors: Eric Ehler and Aaron Hanson
Dept: Physics

[PDF] Gendered Construction Of The Female Identity (223 KiB)

Author: Julie L. Lemley
Dept: English And Speech Communications

[PDF] Identification Of Soybean Lipoxygenase Products By Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry (Gc-Ms) (381 KiB)

Author: Rehan Ahmad Malik
Dept: Biochemistry

[PDF] Martin Luther Stands In History As A Leader Of The Protestant Reformation (119 KiB)

Author: Nickie Kranz
Dept: English

[PDF] Moving On (124 KiB)

Authors: Marissa Hansen - [PDF] For The Love Of God (129 KiB)

Jake Hjelmtveit - [PDF] 8:01 p.m (124 KiB)

Eric Hoffheiser - [PDF] View From Ubehebe Peak (92 KiB)

Eric Hoffheiser - [PDF] How To Get Rid Of Sorrow (89 KiB)

Dept: English

[PDF] Popular Agitation And British Parliamentary Reform, 1866-1867 (341 KiB)

Author: Michael D. Snell-Feikema
Dept: History

[PDF] Risk Factors Of Suicidal Phenomenon: Prevention And Intervention (149 KiB)

Author: Lisa M. Meyer
Dept: Open Studies: Counseling, Alcohol And Drug Studies, And Sociology

[PDF] Search For The Causative Organism Of Waterfowl Deaths At Lake Onalaska (118 KiB)

Author: Derek Skillings
Dept: Open Studies

[PDF] The Differences Between The Public And Private School Systems In Cuenca, Ecuador (147 KiB)

Author: Rachel Goodloe
Dept: French And Spanish Education

[PDF] The Divisions Of The Works Progress Administration (WPA) And Their Various Influence On Various Art Forms (169 KiB)

Author: Kari Appel
Dept: Theatre And Dance

[PDF] The Effects Of Minimalism/Indeterminacy On The Merce Cunningham And John Cage Collaboration (189 KiB)

Author: Janelle M. Morrison
Dept: Dance And Music Education

[PDF] Where Have All The Women Gone: Trafficking On Women, A Global Problem (170 KiB)

Author: Kristeen L. Giese
Dept: Sociology

[PDF] Wittgenstein, Kierkegaard And The Unspeakable (184 KiB)

Author: Joseph C Mohrfeld
Dept: Philosophy

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Editor: Barb Bergman
Faculty reviewers: Linda Underwood, Vicki Luoma, Curt Germundson, Aaron Budge