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Minnesota State University, Mankato

Minnesota State University, Mankato
Undergraduate Research Center

JUR Volume 6 (2006)

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[PDF] The Place of Power: The Christian Acquisition of the Roman Basilica (88 KiB)

Tysen Dauer (Humanities)
Thomas Hagen, Faculty Mentor (Humanities)

[PDF] Characterization of Proteins Interacting with the Alpha Subunit of Actin Capping Protein (194 KiB)

Angelique Ducharme (Biological Sciences)
Charity Zabel (Biological Sciences)
Marilyn Hart, Faculty Mentor (Biological Sciences)

[PDF] Intentionality in Kant and Wittgenstein (33 KiB)

Ryan Feldbrugge (Philosophy)
Dr. Richard Liebendorfer, Faculty Mentor (Philosophy)

[PDF] Assessment of The Mankato Area's young Adult Population's Knowledge of Mall Video Mining for Marketing Research (62 KiB)

Tyler S. Goodmanson (Marketing)
Brett E. Fleck (Marketing)
Emily A. Johnson (Marketing)
Vicki Luoma, Faculty Mentor (Business)

[PDF] Killing For Fun: A Study of The Effect Violent Videogames Have on The Player (91 KiB)

Mike Goracke (Technical Communication)
Gretchen Haas, Faculty Mentor (Techincal Communication)

[PDF] The Prevention Of Inflammatory-Related Liver Damage by Tamoxifen in Rats Given Fish Oil (106 KiB)

Renae Haycraft (Biological Sciences)
Steven Mercurio, Faculty Mentor (Biological Sciences)
Danae R. Quirk Dorr, Faculty Mentor (Chemistry)

[PDF] The Effect of Single Women and the Early Modern Economy (55 KiB)

Bridget Heussler (History)
Christopher Corley, Faculty Mentor (History)

[PDF] Japan And The U.S.: Two Free Nations, Two Versions of Free Press (43 KiB)

Eliza Koch (Mass Communications)
Eiji Kawabata, Faculty Mentor (Politcal Science)

[PDF] The Basis of Self And Other In Gender Constructed Identity (173 KiB)

Julie L. Lemley (English and Speech Communcation)
James Dimock, Faculty Mentor (Speech Communication)

[PDF] Effects Of Thermal Boundary Conditions During Finite Element Modeling of Physical Vapor Transport (492 KiB)

Wade Luhman (Mechanical Engineering)
Patrick Tebbe, Faculty Mentor (Mechanical Engineering)

[PDF] The Use Of Paralinguistics In Spontaneous Speech Of Children With Williams Syndrome And Typically Developing Children (29 KiB)

Kelly Ritter (Speech, Hearing, and Rehabilitation Services)
Evan Panitzke (Speech, Hearing, and Rehabilitation Services)
Emily Kruse (Speech, Hearing, and Rehabilitation Services)
Patricia Hargrove, Faculty Mentor (Speech, Hearing, and Rehabilitation Services)

[PDF] Community Assistance For Refugees and Gender Roles: What Could Make This C.A.R. Run Better? (141 KiB)

Nathan E. Meyer (Anthropology)
Dr. Susan Schalge, Faculty Mentor, (Anthropology)

[PDF] Poverty In The Twin Cities Using GIS Studying (2 MiB)

Je Moua (Geography)
Changjoo Kim, Faculty Mentor (Geography)

[PDF] An Investigation Of Student Perspectives On Classroom Resource Usefulness (35 KiB)

Joshua Randall (Speech Communication)
Lindsey Thompson (Speech Communication)
James Dimock, Faculty Mentor (Speech Communication)

[PDF] Is It Really All About The Money: Motivating Employees In The 21st Century (47 KiB)

Joshua Randall (Management)
Stacy Novotny (Management)
Seth Larson (Management)
Kathleen Dale, Faculty Mentor (Management)

[PDF] Effect of Conditioned Medium on the Recovery of Dormant Mycobacteria in Culture (123 KiB)

Kelly E. Rock (Biological Sciences)
Timothy E. Secott, Faculty Mentor (Biological Sciences)

[PDF] Implementation of a Segmented, Transactional Database Caching System (599 KiB)

Benjamin J. Sandmann (Computer Science)
Ann Quade, Faculty Mentor (Computer Science)

[PDF] Utopian Literature from the Sixteenth Century to Present Day (33 KiB)

Lisa Sikkink (English, Literature)
Mary Susan Johnston, Faculty Mentor (English)

Where We Live

As a part of a writing project exploring the theme Where We Live, the authors created a sense of place through various styles of creative writing.

[PDF] Where We Live: Dreaming in Steps (35 KiB)

Kelly Biers (English)
Tyler Corbett, Graduate Student Mentor (English)
Richard Robbins, Faculty Mentor (English)

[PDF] Where We Live: Things to Ponder (33 KiB)

Mandi Bingham (English)
Tyler Corbett, Graduate Student Mentor (English)
Richard Robbins, Faculty Mentor (English)

[PDF] Where We Live: Small Town Changes, excerpt (32 KiB)

Marissa Hansen (English)
Tyler Corbett, Graduate Student Mentor (English)
Richard Robbins, Faculty Member (English)

[PDF] Where We Live: 2 poems ? A Nomadic People and Always Mourning (25 KiB)

Nathan Klein (English)
Tyler Corbett, Graduate Student Mentor (English)
Richard Robbins, Faculty Mentor (English)

Editorial Staff

Editor: Barb Bergman
Faculty reviewers: Linda Underwood, Vicki Luoma, Curt Germundson, Aaron Budge
Student peer reviewers: Brittany Borg, Josephine Greve, Joshua Randall, Chad Vidden