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Minnesota State University, Mankato

Minnesota State University, Mankato
Undergraduate Research Center

JUR Volume 7 (2007)

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Volume 7 Articles

[PDF] The Effects of Divorce and Its Associated Stressors on Children and Adolescence (238 KiB)

Aaron Brownlee (Department of Psychology)
Professor Sarah Sifers, Faculty Mentor (Department of Psychology)

[PDF] The Reality of Role–Playing Games: How Players Construct Reality Through Language (109 KiB)

Jessica Carlson (Department of Speech Communications)
Professor Dan Cronn–Mills, Faculty Mentor (Department of Speech Communications)

[PDF] Classical Philology Gone Wild! The use of Classical Texts in the Film All Quiet on the Western Front (253 KiB)

Tysen D. Dauer (Department of Modern Languages)
Professor Nadja Krämer, Faculty Mentor (Department of Modern Languages)

[PDF] Fluid Properties in the Formation of High–Grade Iron Ore in Northern Minnesota (273 KiB)

Elizabeth A. Drommerhausen (Department of Chemistry & Geology)
Dr. Steven Losh, Faculty Mentor (Chemistry and Geology)

[PDF] School Psychology Practice and Job Satisfaction (123 KiB)

Rebecca E. Fenicle (Psychology)
Dr. Kevin J. Filter, Faculty Mentor (Psychology)

[PDF] Reflections on Canvas: Caravaggio and the Development of Optical Style (717 KiB)

Eleanor Rae Harper (Art History)
Curt Germundson, Faculty Mentor (Art History)

[PDF] This Modern Life (19 KiB)

Nathan Klein (Department of English)
Dodie Miller, Graduate Student Mentor (Department of English)
Professor Richard Robbins, Faculty Member (Department of English)

[PDF] Men, Women and Children for Sale: The Dichotomy of Human Trafficking in the United States and Abroad (502 KiB)

Elizabeth Kolbe (Department of Anthropology)
Professor Paul Brown, Faculty Mentor (Department of Anthropology)

[PDF] Critique of the Appropriation of Black Culture by White Suburban Youth (186 KiB)

Julie L. Lemley (Department of Speech Communications)
Professor James Dimock, Faculty Member (Department of Speech Communications)

[PDF] Population of Northern Leopard Frogs (Rana Pipiens) Migrating Between the Ney Frog Pond and the Minnesota River Valley for Spring Breeding (1 MiB)

Rebecca Madison Pollack (Department of Geography)
Professor Forrest Wilkerson, Faculty Mentor (Department of Geography)

[PDF] Impact of Japanese Flower Arrangement (12 KiB)

Harumi Okoshi (Department of Art)
Professor Liz Miller, Faculty Mentor (Department of Art)

[PDF] The Impact of Weather Conditions on Mood Variability in Geographically Relocated Versus Non–Relocated Individuals (142 KiB)

Jamie M. Scott (Department of Psychology)
Professor Jeffrey A. Buchanan, Faculty Mentor (Department of Psychology)

[PDF] Measuring Noble Gases in Coma Samples from Comet Wild 2 (234 KiB)

Jacob Simones (Department of Physics and Astronomy)
Professor Russel Palma, Faculty Mentor (Department of Physics and Astronomy)

[PDF] Christian Feminism: Female Pastors and Feminism (140 KiB)

Amanda A. Slowinski (Department of Women's Studies)
Professor Jocelyn Fenton Stitt, Faculty Mentor (Department of Women's Studies)

[PDF] Developing Microsoft Word 2007 Add–On Applications (299 KiB)

Peter L. Sonnek (Department of Computer Science)
Professor Ann Quade, Faculty mentor (Department of Computer Science)

[PDF] The Decision to Run: The Stories of Women in the Minnesota Legislature (174 KiB)

Danielle M. Thomsen (Department of Political Science)
Professor Joseph Kunkel, Faculty Mentor (Department of Political Science)

[PDF] Junior High Reading Choices and School Librarian Influences on Those Choices (127 KiB)

Sarah Turbes (Department of Women's Studies)
Professor Jocelyn Fenton Stitt, Faculty Mentor (Department of Women's Studies)

[PDF] Nineteenth Century Views on Theater and Drama in England (391 KiB)

Rebecca Unetic (Department of History)
Larry Witherell, Faculty Mentor (Department of History)

[PDF] Mathematical Modeling and Simulation of Multialleic Migration–Selection Models (506 KiB)

Chad N. Vidden (Department of Mathematics)
Professor Namyong Lee, Faculty Mentor (Department of Mathematics)

[PDF] Vascular Architecture of the Liver in SHR and WKY Rats (681 KiB)

Charalette Mathwig (Department of Chemistry and Geology)
Ken Willaert (Department of Biological Sciences)
Professor Michael Bentley, Faculty Mentor (Department of Biological Sciences)

[PDF] Trust Formation Across Multiple Levels of Virtuality (158 KiB)

Amanda Woller (Department of Psychology)
Professor Andrea Lassiter, Faculty Mentor (Department of Psychology)

Editorial Staff

Editor: Barb Bergman
Faculty reviewers: Linda Underwood, Vicki Luoma, Curt Germundson, Aaron Budge
Student peer reviewers: Brittany Borg, Josephine Greve, Joshua Randall, Chad Vidden