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Minnesota State University, Mankato

Minnesota State University, Mankato
Undergraduate Research Center

JUR Volume 12 (2012)

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The Hierarchy of Rococo Women Seen Through Fashion Paintings
Sanda Brighidin
Curt  Germundson, Faculty Mentor

Impact and Results of Cuts in Training and Development Budgets on Local Small Businesses in Southern MN
Emily Haag
Queen Booker, Faculty Mentor

Beyond Limits: Exploring Motivation and the Lack of Women in Ultramarathoning
Amy Harris
Cindra Kamphoff, Faculty Mentor
Suzannah Armentrout, Faculty Mentor

Globalization and the Exchange of Aesthetics
Ajay Kapadia
Richard Young, Faculty Mentor

From Runway to Museum: Creating Successful Exhibitions Showing the Interrelationship between Fashion and Art
Erica Kroening
Curt Germundson, Faculty Mentor

Lessons in Liminal Space: Boarders as Pedagogical Tools in No Country for Old Men
Steven Norton
Inger Brodey, Faculty Mentor

Statistical Models of Self-Efficacy in STEM Students
Sarah Painter
Rebecca Bates, Faculty Mentor

Becoming Mom: Understanding Challenges and Presentations of Self Among Mothers
Annakeiko Frink Reichel
Emily Boyd, Faculty Mentor

The Heliand: The Warrior’s Strength and the Transcendence of Faith
Nathanael Rhody
Nadja Krämer, Faculty Mentor

Mona Hatoum and the Biographical Influence on Cross-Cultural Exchange
Nicole Shelton
Curt Germundson, Faculty Mentor

The Relationship Between Social Media Use and Consumer Brand Engagement
Joshua Stein
Kristin Scott, Faculty Mentor

Atrazine Influence on Northern Pike Sperm Motility and Viability in Minnesota
Andy Stevens
Paul Pallardy
Shannon Fisher, Faculty Mentor

Anti-Predator Responses of Fathead Minnows to Alarm Substance Pheromone
Sarah Thomson
John Krenz, Faculty Mentor

Second-Language English Fluency Change in Native-Speaker context
John Zehnder
Karen Lybeck, Faculty Mentor

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