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Minnesota State University, Mankato

Minnesota State University, Mankato
Undergraduate Research Center

JUR Volume 13 (2013)

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[PDF] The Role of the International Monetary Funds (IMF) in the East Asian Debt Crisis of 1997 (239 KiB)
Yaro Sadek Tahirou
Abdalla Battah, Faculty Mentor


[PDF] A Study of Happiness (111 KiB)
Rachel Mills
Brittany Cottrill, Faculty Mentor


[PDF] In-Service Teachers’ Perceptions of Students with Emotional Behavioral Disorder (190 KiB)
Cassandra Schreiber and Ashley Kuemper
Carlos Panahon, Faculty Mentor


[PDF] Silica Distribution in Oxidized Biwabik Iron Formation: Ore-Waste Cutoff Prediction (600 KiB)
Ryan Rague
Steven Losh, Faculty Mentor


[PDF] The Abundance and Diversity of Intestinal Trematodes Collected From Blue Winged Teal (342 KiB)
Omolayo Ogunnowo
Robert Sorensen, Faculty Mentor


[PDF] The Politics of Black Womens’ Hair (182 KiB)
Vanessa King and Dieynaba Niabaly
Shannon Miller, Faculty Mentor


[PDF] Surveying Teachers About The Use Of Stability Balls As An Intervention (97 KiB)
RaeLynn Limberg and Nicole Kafka
Carlos Panahon, Faculty Mentor
Natasha Olson, Graduate Student Mentor


[PDF] The Tax Treatment of Mixed Personal and Rental Use of Real Estate (458 KiB)
Natsua Asai
Paul Brennan, Faculty Mentor


[PDF] The Under-Representation of Minorities in Political Careers (465 KiB)
Chelsea Barr and Ina Pae
Shannon Miller, Faculty Mentor


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Editor: Barb Bergmann