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Minnesota State University, Mankato

Minnesota State University, Mankato
Undergraduate Research Center

Presentation Guidelines

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Presentation Formats

Poster Presentation: Posters may be a maximum of 48" wide and 36" high. Presenters will be expected to be available to discuss their posters at the assigned times. Posters can be attached to the display boards by push pins. We will have push pins available, but please feel free to bring your own.

Oral Presentation: Presentations are scheduled for a maximum of 15 minutes, including a question-and-answer period. Sessions will be moderated and the time limit enforced. All PowerPoint presentations must be on a USB Flash drive. All rooms will be equipped with a computer, projector and screen.

Artistic Performance: Performances include literary readings, theatre, music or dance and are original, or interpretation/research based on an existing work. Performances may be solo or ensemble. A maximum of 30 minutes would be allotted for each performance, including a question-and-answer period.


Oral Presentations

  • Each presentation is alloted 15 minutes, with roughly 10 minutes for the presentation and 5 minutes for questions and transitions. 
  • Laptop computers will be available for the presentation. 
    • Please do not use Prezi or other web-based programs that require additional programs for presentation. 
    • Click here for an oral presentation template.
  • Please follow the graphic standards when using university logos and colors. It is recommended that you use logos in the EPS format.The graphic standards can be found here

Poster Presentations

Overall dimensions of your poster may not exceed 36 inches by 48 inches. Size requirements must be adhered to in order to display the posters while keeping walkways open. Free-standing bulletin boards and materials to set up your poster (pins) will be available. Please note that electrical power will not be available for your display.

Each poster should have a header that is visible from a distance. At least 50 pt font is recommended for the title. The header should contain the title of the project, your name, the name of your faculty mentor and any collaborators, your academic department and university. These subheadings (other than the title) can be smaller than 50 pt font, but should be larger than the text in the body of the poster.

For example:

Exploration of Undergraduate Scholarly and Creative Activity
Presenter Doe
Faculty Mentor Doe, Ph.D.
Department of Undergraduate Research
Minnesota State University, Mankato

In general, keep your display visual by using graphics and figures while keeping text to a minimum. It is unlikely that individuals attending the poster session will read a lengthy presentation. Any blocks of text on your poster should be a minimum of 32 pt font. The reference section is generally an exception to this rule, however, and may be as small as 18 pt font. Please consult your faculty mentor for design and construction information. 

Poster Printing Tips

Download a template from the Copy Shop website or use the template below. Consult your faculty mentor prior to submitting your poster for printing. Please follow the graphic standards when using university logos and colors. It is recommended that you use logos in the EPS format.  

Poster Template

Graphic Standards

Copy Shop poster prices: $25 for color, $15 for black and white. Posters with high levels of ink coverage are subject to ink surcharges.

Email your complete poster and your contact information to: Questions about printing? Please consult the Copy Shop website or call the Copy Shop at 507-389-2702 or 507-389-2999.  

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