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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Student Spotlight

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Congratulations to Kellie Wong, the featured Student Spotlight for September!


What does undergraduate research mean to you?

To me, undergraduate research provides the opportunity to gain insight on a subject that one is passionate about. It is a chance to learn new information, to push yourself in an academic setting outside the traditional classroom, and to develop a mentorship with your research faculty member. Not only do you make discoveries about your project, but you also discover more about yourself as a student. You learn how to best organize your thoughts, troubleshoot, and master skills in communication, especially when working on a team. At first, research can seem overbearing and scary, however with the correct mindset and perseverence, it is a powerful tool for the advancement of any discipline.

How does research fit into your long-term goals?

While I don't forsee myself taking on a formal research project in my future career, I will still be encountering research each and every day. Advancements in all professional fields are constantly being made and I will be affected by the changes brought about by research. Not only will I be exposed to research, but I will also be able to take the skills I learned from undergraduate research with me in my profession, which I believe is one of the best advantages of research as an undergraduate student.