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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Student Spotlight

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Congratulations to Bethany Haus, the featured Student Spotlight for November!



What does undergraduate research mean to you?

Undergraduate research to me means increasing the knowledge of the scientific community. This research is an opportunity that offers me a way to expand that knowledge, as well as pursuing real-world experience. My project has allowed me to explore different areas of my field that regular students would not normally participate in. It also enabled me to get to know more professors and network within my department. 

How does research fit into your long-term goals?

Although performing research is not directly related to my career in primary care medicine, it has taught me many transferrable skills that will help me become a better physician. These skills include leading a team, delegating tasks, and effective communication. Additionally, undergraduate research has opened the door for me if I do decide to go into medical research because I gained experience with a variety of tools and techniques. This research will also help me develop connections with other scientists, across disciplines, who will be my future colleagues.