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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Vehicle Consent Form

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State Vehicle Driving Status

The guideline for driver's license record checks was developed on September 18, 2009 - as part of the Travel Management Procedure 5.19.3.

This guideline was updated in February 2019 and is now available.  The standards that are utilized for the Vehicle Use Consent Form by Risk Management's Motor Vehicle Record check are as follows: [PDF] vehicles/dlr_criteria_february_2019_tcm36-345418.pdf (190 KiB)

Complete and submit this form if you wish to drive a state vehicle.  The following is the link for the Vehicle Use Consent Form submission: This information will be directly transmitted to Risk Management, who will initiate a request for your Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) for review.  An e-mail, from Risk Management, will be submitted to you verifying your driving status received from your motor vehicle record check.

There are several states that Risk Management Division (RMD) is not able to obtain driver's license record (DLR) information from foreign countries or the state of California, Colorado, Georgia, Maryland, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Washington and West Virginia. Drivers that have resided in a foreign country or one of these states within the last 5 years need to obtain their personal DLR and provide RMD with a copy for review. Helen Walters at Facilities Services, may assist you with forwarding this record to RMD.  You may stop by Facilities Services, WC358, so that we may send a scanned document, FAX or send by e-mail to: helen.walters@mnsu.ed. 

 Drivers on state business

o       Approved and valid licensed drivers may use state vehicles from Minnesota State University, Mankato as long as they are representing the university and on official state business. Drivers include state employees, contract employees (if the authorization to drive a state vehicle is specifically mentioned in the contract with the vendor) and students on university approved business. (Existing practice conforms with Minnesota Statutes Chapter 16B.55.) Students driving to and from internships and student teaching practicums do not fall within what is viewed as Minnesota State or university business this is considered personal usage for your personal career.

o   Minnesota State "Vehicle Use Procedures" states that drivers operating vehicles within the State of Minnesota must be at least 18 years of age and have possessed for at least two years a valid and unrestricted drivers license from a U.S. State or Canadian Province. We have the opportunity to utilize a on-line process for approval of your driver's license for your convenience Vehicle Use Consent Form.

o    A student is not allowed to use a state vehicle to go to and from their internship, student teacher practicum, nursing clinical, etc.

o   You do not need to complete the Vehicle Consent form if you are driving a personal vehicle.

          State Business (a.k.a. Minnesota State or University Business). State law requires that public funds, facilities, and equipment not be used for activities other than those clearly supporting the business of the state. Approved travel incorporates business meetings, authorized conventions, conferences and workshops, and as well as employee teaching assignments. Student travel to and from on-campus or off-campus classes, clinics, and practicums is not considered to fall within the scope of authorized Minnesota State or university travel. Field trips which are an integral part of the academic curriculum are authorized.

Effective, March 6, 2009 - Office of the Chancellor announced "We have found extra territorial automobile liability coverage for drivers under 21 years old".  Drivers age 21 or younger (minimum of age 18), with a valid drivers license, on university business may drive a state vehicle beyond the state of Minnesota borders, as long as they have an "Acceptable" Vehicle Use Consent Form rating.  vehicles/auto_liability_insurance_memo.pdf