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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Insurance & Accidents

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Insurance and Accidents

Report the Accident:

  1. Immediately after an accident, the Highway Patrol or other law enforcement agency should be notified, #911 then call MSU Security at 389-2111. If an accident occurs on University property call Security Office, 389-2111.
  2. A Facilities Service Office Vehicle Information Packet is in glove compartment of each state vehicle. This packet includes an insurance card and necessary information. Secure information about the other party so a complete report may be made to the Facilities Services Office.  Names and addresses of witnesses should be obtained if possible.
  3. An insurance identification card is included in the key packet. 
  4. A written report must be completed at the MSU Facilities Services Office. [PDF] vehicles/policies/rmd_pc_vehicle_loss_notice_tcm36-283351_new2018.pdf (377 KiB) (Accident Report for state owned or leased vehicles and equipment)  Please print out, complete, sign and submit the report to Helen Walters, Facilities Services, WC358. Questions? Call Helen at 389-5649. 
  5. Do not make statements or furnish information to anyone except law officers, representatives of the state's insurance company, and the Facilities Services Office. 
  6. In the event of personal injuries or death, call Gallagher Bassett Services, Inc., at their 24 hour claim number 866-489-5797. Current insurance information will be found in the key packet, and Vehicle Information Packet in the glove compartment of the state vehicle.
  7. All university accidents will be reviewed by our Minnesota State University, Mankato's Risk Management Officer.
  8. Minnesota State University, Mankato is self-insured through the State of Minnesota with $500 deductible per accident claim.  If our driver is reported to be liable for the accident the unrecovered insurance deductible of $500 will be charged to the department sponsoring the trip.