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Mutch Moments...

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Mutch Moments...

Borrowing from a slightly more famous David, below you'll find the Top Ten moments experienced while wandering around David and Sandy's store with microphone in hand. 

Number Ten--"Thanks for asking..."

Mutch Hardware is known as a place where you can find that hard-to-find item--but they don't have everything, and David Mutch has a book to prove it.

Number Nine--"That's a good baseball man..."

David Mutch loves baseball.  Here he takes a moment to educate a customer on why her $30.30 bill represents a pretty special ball player.

Number Eight--"He was how you do it..."

Sticking with baseball, David explains one of the many pieces of baseball memorabilia found in the store--in this case, a ball signed by Minnesota Twin great, Tony Olivia.

Number Seven--"Where's my fan..."

Sometimes putting the customer first is not such a great idea.

Number Six--"This operation started in 1926..."

Almost by definition, third places have long and storied histories.  Mutch Northside Hardware is no exception--here's the two minute version.

Number Five--"Dave or David..."

Some call Mr. Mutch Dave, others David.  He's fine either way, but he does have preference. 

Number Four--"She's a very pretty girl..."

David and Sandy respond to the question:  How would you describe one another?

Number Three--"It's probably the kids' introduction to slot machines..."

David describes one of his favorite items in the store, the gumball machine.

Number Two--"When people come in, they came in..."

Walk into Mutch's and the old wooden screen door will slam hard behind you.  David Mutch likes it that way.

Number One--"A good excuse not to go to a fashion show on ice..."

David and Sandy have been married for over 30 years.  Here's how they met.