Application/Cover Letter
(attach to your application materials)

Eligibility Requirements:

A single-parent majoring in any major who has primary physical custody of children. The Coplan Donohue family is especially interested in annually helping a single-parent student who excels academically and is a good parent. The student also must be a U. S. citizen and have prior completion of 30 prior semester, or transfer credits; be a full-time undergraduate or graduate level student attending MSU both fall and spring semesters; the award is not need based.

Name: ___________________________________Social Security # ________________________

Address: _________________________________________Phone:________________________

City: ______________________________________ State: _________________Zip: __________

No. of Credits Completed: ___U.S. Citizen: ___Yes ___ No MSU GPA: _____ Transfer GPA: ___


Ages of Children: ________________________________________________________________

I certify that I am the primary custodial parent of my child/children, and that I will be attending MSU undergraduate or graduate classes full-time two semesters of the academic year, and meet all the Coplan Donohue scholarship requirements. Enrollment and grade will be checked to verify eligibility.



1. Fill out application form.
2. Write an essay describing your family; why you are working to obtain a degree at this time; describe what your parenting philosophy is; what your future goals are; and list your experiences relating to the field or your major, work, and volunteer activities.
3. Include three letters of recommendation.
4. Include one unofficial transcript of your college courses.

Please return this form to:

Coplan Donohue Scholarship
Women's Center
Minnesota State University, Mankato
218 Centennial Student Union
Mankato, MN 56001