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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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1 Tai Chi Exercise for Lifelong Health & Well- GV504.T3588
2 Ageless Yoga, Chair 7 Standing Routines RA781.7.A65
3 Yoga for the Rest of Us RA781.7.Y61
4 Healing Yoga RM727.Y64H43
5 Goddess Workout, Intro to Belly Dance GV1798.5.G63
6 Goddess Workout, Cardio Belly dance GV1798.5.G63
7 Goddess Workout, Warrior Goddess GV1798.5.G63
8 Yoga for Your Eyes RE960.Y65
9 Yoga for Beauty with Rainbeau Mars RA781.68.Y642
10 Pilates Complete for Everyone RA781.P55
11 Bollywood Dance Workout RA781.6.B65
12 10 Minlite Solution Hip Hop Dance Mix RA781.5.T46
13 Total Yoga (The Flow Series Earth) RA781.7.T6486
14 Candlelight Yoga RA781.7.C36
15 Tai Chi The empowering Workout GV504.T35
16 Belly Dance; for beginners GV1798.5.B46
17 Yoga for Inflexible People RA781.7.Y63
18 African Beat, Dance fitness for Beginners RA781.15.D36