Student Faculty Research

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Exploring New Frontiers

Minnesota State University, Mankato continues its longstanding tradition of conducting groundbreaking, real–world research

Cutting-edge research in state-of-the-art facilities is one of the hallmarks of Minnesota State Mankato. Many of our research programs rival those at major research universities, but in a setting where you'll quickly feel comfortable and where the focus is on solving real-world problems.

You'll find the research that faculty and students conduct every day at Minnesota State Mankato is not only groundbreaking but can often be applied immediately to daily life, bettering the lives of people around the world.

With a tradition of students and faculty working together, the Minnesota State Mankato research style is personal and student-centered, with unlimited research opportunities, all under the guidance of faculty who are often national and international leaders in their fields.

Minnesota State Mankato is home to modern research facilities and a number of leading research centers, such as the Force Science Research Center, the Minnesota Center for Automotive Research, the WALTER Weather Analysis Lab, and the Center on Aging.

You'll have the opportunity to integrate theory, research and application in small classes, labs and seminars, all taught by dedicated and respected scholars. You'll be able to take your research to the next level, too, through opportunities like our signature Undergraduate Research Center, a prestigious event that showcases the type of faculty–student collaboration you'll get at Minnesota State Mankato.

"One thing that has made the Undergraduate Research Center so unique is that it is developed by dedicated faculty who serve as mentors for the students," says Dr. Mary Visser, professor of human performance.