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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Indirect Assessment Tools

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Indirect Tools are to be administered every other year to instructors/students in "W" courses. At the beginning of each semester, the WAC Director will notify all "W" instructors that they have the opportunity to participate in, and share with their students, the assessment tool. The WAC Director will send the Indirect Assessment Tool for Instructors to current "W" instructors. The Indirect Assessment Tool for Students will be available for dissemination to students through the Office of Institutional Planning, Research, and Assessment Course Evaluation Forms. The results of the survey will be processed by the WAC Director. Feedback will be requested on the results from the Writing Advisory Board. A small, formative report will be generated by the WAC Director and circulated to relevant communities. In the year between indirect assessments, a focus group will address any issues with the tool.


  1. I am a full time MSU student. (Yes/No)
  2. I am a part time MSU student. (Yes/No)
  3. I am a visiting student. (Yes/No)
  4. I understand the learning goals associated with "W" (Writing Intensive--a "W" course is indicated by the course number followed by "W") courses. (Scale 1-5)
  5. I understand the learning goals for this class. (Scale 1-5)
  6. I am aware of how the university defines plagiarism. (Scale 1-5)
  7. I may have plagiarized some aspect of my writing in this course. (Scale 1-5)
  8. This course helped me achieve the competencies associated with "W" courses. (Scale 1-5)
  9. The skills I developed in this writing course will easily transfer to my other classes. (Scale 1-5)
  10. The skills I developed in this writing course built on skills I developed in previous writing courses. (Scale 1-5)
  11. The skills I developed in this writing course will help me in my next writing course. (Scale 1-5)
  12. My instructor knew how to help me with my writing and/or direct me to resources to help me with my writing. (Scale 1-5)
  13. I visited or my instructor suggested I visit the Writing Center at least once during the semester. (Scale 1-5)
  14. I have access to the resources I need to help me write. (Scale 1-5)
  15. What additional campus resources might help support your growth as a writer?


  1. My students understand the "W" learning goals. (Scale 1-5)
  2. The writing goals in my course aligned with the "W" learning goals. (Scale 1-5)
  3. Students in my course engages in effective writing processes, including the ability to generate ideas, draft, revise, format, and edit their work. (Scale 1-5)
  4. Students in my course uses writing to grapple with course content and reflect on their learning. (Scale 1-5)
  5. Students in my course produce texts appropriate for an intended audience, purpose, and context. (Scale 1-5)
  6. Students in my course display strong technical skills in areas such as grammar, mechanics, and source documentation. (Scale 1-5)
  7. Students in my course write in academic, professional, or public genres related to the discipline, displaying an understanding of the genres' communicative functions and contexts. (Scale 1-5)
  8. Students in my course locate, evaluate, analyze, and use source material or data in their writing. (Scale 1-5)
  9. My students are aware of the university definition of plagiarism. (Scale 1-5)
  10. My students may have plagiarized. (Scale 1-5)
  11. Skills my students developed in prior courses helped them succeed in my course. (Scale 1-5)
  12. Skills students developed in my course will easily transfer to other courses. (Scale 1-5)
  13. I am well equipped to help students improve their writing. (Scale 1-5)
  14. I have the resources I need to help students improve their writing. (Scale 1-5)
  15. What additional campus resources may help support your instruction in the writing classroom?