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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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Revision Strategies

From Eli Review comes Teaching Revision, which includes strategies for revision in the classroom, motivating students beyond line-edits, and why this kind of feedback can be so useful in the writing process. 

Direct Assessment

Spring 2015 is the semester that the WAC Initiative launches the direct assessment review. All instructors teaching 100- or 200- level "W" courses will have the opportunity to participate. The rubric for the assessment is listed under the "Assessment" tab. 

Students at the 100/200-level "W" course will be expected to build skills towards the higher competencies provided in this rubric. Level 1 represents basic competencies for incoming freshman. The model is progressive in order to demonstrate expected growth by the time a student graduates from MSU, Mankato.

  1. Students in a 100-level are expected to attain a level "1" or "2" by completion of the course.
  2. Students in a 200-level are expected to attain a "3" by completion of the course.
  3. Students in a 300-400 level are expected to attain a "4" by completion of the course.