Parking Kiosk Pay Station

Kiosk Pay Stations are located at:

  • Visitors Paylot (Lot 4) - by Centennial Student Union and Wigley Administration Center
  • U Lot (Lot 11) - In-between the Centennial Student Union and Memorial Library. Do not park in Gold permit stalls.

Parking Maps

Prices and Hours

  • $4 for the first hour, then $2 per hour thereafter. A 10 hour maximum
  • 6am - 6:30pm Monday - Thursday
  • 6am - 4pm Friday

How to Use the Kiosk Pay Station

Someone pressing the green button at the parking Kiosk on a snowy day

1. Press the green button.

Parking Kiosk Hand Entering License Plate Info.png

2. Enter license plate info.

Parking Kiosk Screen Angle with User Hand Payment.png

3. Insert payment card.

Parking Kiosk On Screen Instructions Close Up.png

4. Confirm for receipt.

Fixed Camera System

The Visitors Paylot is equipped with a fixed camera imaging system that will read the license plates of all users driving into the Visitors Paylot which starts a timer for payment.

If payment hasn’t been received within the allotted time from the Kiosk Pay Station, Parking Enforcement Officers will be notified that there is a potential violator who hasn’t paid.  The Parking Enforcement Officer will arrive and issue the violator a citation for failing to pay.