Power BI Data Reports


Access to POWER BI Reports

Power BI data access is available to the President's Expanded Cabinet, Department Chairs, and other staff or faculty with an educational need to the information contained within it.

Available content includes institution and student related information to a department and program level on awards, enrollment, the graduate follow-up survey, program declarations, declared program outcomes, credit hours, student persistence and completion and much more.

Staff or faculty with an educational need can request access via the Power BI Request Form

The direct link to Power BI that can be bookmarked or saved to your Internet favorites is http://link.mnsu.edu/irpowerbi

Academic Dashboards (DATA DASHBOARDS):

Access to Dashboards

When viewing dashboard information for other departments/programs, please keep in mind:

  • Enrollment, demographics, FTEF, and other such data are reported in a manner consistent with the University data book and our IPEDs standards, as appropriate. Declaration and degrees conferred counts include certificates.
  • The financial metrics are indicators of financial viability and are only representative of real dollars to a certain extent. Currently, only tuition is factored into the reported revenues. State allocations and overhead beyond the Division of Academic Affairs has not been accounted for.
  • Beyond the department level, overhead is distributed via a formula and some limitations of our current accounting system create known issues that have led to a fair, but not always just or equitable, assignment of some expenses to certain (heavy service) departments. While such factors were considered in the recent budget reduction plan, that context is not present in the Academic Dashboards.  In future releases (see below), several important improvements to the calculation of overhead/revenue are being explored, including an improved distribution of teaching assistant costs to the courses they serve.