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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Curricular Proposals 04-05

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1-PSYC 4/557 Crosscultural Psychology (Course Withdrawal) 2-PSYC 4/558 Cultural Psychology (New Course) 3-NURS 497 Summer Internship (New Course) 4-Duplicate of 6 5-ANTH 280 Engaged Anthropology: Service Learning (New Course w/GE 7, 9 and 11)
6-THEA 212 Singing for Actors (New Course) 7-SPAN 310 Conversation and Composition (Change in Title) 8-PPSE Philosophy, Politics and Economics (New Degree in Related Area) 9-Withdrawn 10-HIST 4/536 History East Asian Relations w/US (New Course)
11-HIST 160 Intro to Traditional East Asian Civilizations (New Course w/GE) 12-WOST 465 Women and Spirituality (Course Withdrawal) 13-WOST 230 Assertiveness and Self Esteem (Course Withdrawal) 14-Withdrawn 15-GEOG 301 Readings for Honors (Course Withdrawal)
16-ACCT 479 Executive Lecture Series (Course Withdrawal) 17-MSL 277 Cadet Professional Development Training (New Course) 18-MSL 366 Leader Development and Assessment (New Course) 19-MSL 252 Evolution of American Warfare (New Course w/GE5) 20-College of Business Change in Graduation Requirements
21-Duplicate of 16 22-MRKT 441 Small Business Consulting (Course Withdrawal) 23-MGMT 473 Intro to E-Commerce (Change in Title) 24-MGMT 449 Quality Management (Change in pre-requisites) 25-HP New Course Issues in Athletics
26-ART Delete BA Art History Specialization 27-ART Delete BA Minor Art History Track 28-HUM 380 New Topics Course 29-MUS 131 Change in Credits 30-MUS 132 Change in Credits
31-MUS 133 New Course Aural Skills 1 32-MUS 134 New Course Aural Skills 2 33-MUS 181 New Course Intro to Tech App Music 34-MUS 231 Change in Credits 35-MUS 232 Change in Credits
36-MUS 233 New Course Aural Skills 3 37-MUS 234 New Course Aural Skills 4 38-ENG Program Redesign Creative Writing 39-MUS 341 Change in title and credits 40-MUS 201 New Course Conducting
41-MUS Program Redesign BS Music Education 42-MUS 299 New Course Sophomore Review 43-MUS 381 New Course Music Management 44-MUS 482 New Course Music Promotion 45-MUS 498 New Course Practicum
46-MUS 250 Change in Credits 47-MUS 282 New Course Music Industry Activity 48-MUS 495 New Course Senior Project 49-MUS BA Capstone 50-MUS 121 New Course/GE Women in Music
51-URBS Program Redesign 52-GEOG 342 New Course 53-POL 4/545 Change in Course Number 54-LAWE Change in Program Requirements 55-POL Added Program Requirements
56-ANTH 222 New Course Intro to Forensic Science GE 3 and 9 57-WOST 430 Change in Title 58-ANTH 4/511 Course Title Change 59-ANTH 4/512 Course Title Change 60-ANTH 4/523 Change in Course Number
61-ANTH 4/532 Change in Course Title 62-ANTH 4/522 New Course Forensic Anthropology 63-ANTH 4/520 Change in Course Title 64-POL 4/536 New Course International Political Economy 65-POL 4/537 New Course International Conflict Resolution
66-GEOG 4_514 New Course Biogeography 67-GEOG 4_509 Change in Credits 68-GEOG 4_580 Change in Credits 69-ANTH 331 Change in Title 70-ECON Change in Program Requirements
71-ECON 462 Course Required for Major 72-MUS 481 Change in Title 73-MUS 483 New Course Music in the Marketplace 74-MUS Program Redesign Music Industry 75-MASS Program Redesign Change in Pre-requisites
76-GEOG 4_571 Change in Title 77-ANTH 4_510 Change in Title 78-ANTH 4_530 Change in Title 79-SPAN 210 Gen Ed Course 8 and 1C 80-CHEM 4_524 Change in pre-requisite
81-BIO 4_532 Change in Title 82-BIO 4_510 Change in Title 83-ID 282 Change in Credits 84-ID 283 Change in Credits 85-ID 284 Change in Credits
86-ID 372 Change in Credits 87-ID 381 Change in Pre-requsites 88-ID 479 Change in Pre-requisites 89-ID 481 Change in Pre-requisites 90-ID 482 Change in Course Content
91-ID 483 Change in Credits 92-ID 485 New Course Interior Design Studio IV 93-ID 382 Change in Pre-requisites 94-ID 290 Change in Credits 95-ID 291 Change in Credits
96-ID 180 Change in Credits, Number and Title 97-ID 498 Change in Credits 98-CM 281 Dual List with ID 281 99-ID 281 Change in Credits 100-CM 424 New Course Construction Safety and Loss Control
101-ID Program Redesign of Major 102-ID Program Redesign Change in Credits 103-CM Program Redesign Facilities Planning 104-CM Program Redesign CM General 105-ECET Program Redesign Change in Gen Ed
106-ECET Change EE prefix to ECE 107-EE 463 New Course Advanced Digital System Design 108-EE 332 Change in Course Description 109-EE 380 Change in Course Title 110-EE 253 Change in Course Description
111-EE 244 Change in Course Description 112-EE 462 Change in Course Title 113-EE 498 New Course--Topics 114-EE 298 New Course--Topics 115-EET 298 New Course--Topics
116-EET 498 New Course--Topics 117-ECET Change in Bulletin Copy Transfer Credits 118-EET Change in Bulletin Copy Transfer Credits 119-EE 254 Change in Catalog Copy 120-Physics BS change in program requirements
121-CIVE 145 Change in Title 122-CIVE 340 Change in Title 123-CIVE 370 Change in pre-requisite 124-CIVE 380 Change in course description 125-CIVE 401 Change in pre-requisite
126-CIVE 471 Change in pre-requisite 127-CIVE 497 Change in credits 128-FINA change in program requirements--deleted courses 129-FINA change in program requirements--added courses 130-College of Business change in GPA graduation requirement
131-College of Business change in admission requirements 132-MGMT 481 Change in Pre-requisites 133-ES:EEC Program Change 134-MSL--ROTC Minor: Change in Credit Length 135-ES:SP--Change in Program Requirements
136-ES:KSP 4/551 Change in Credits and Title 137-BED 345 Delete as COB Program Requirement 138-EXTL 4/501 New Course 139-EXTL 4/500 New Course 140-BIO 201 Course Withdrawal
141-BIO 203 Course Withdrawal 142-BS Biology: BioBusiness Program Closure 143-BA Biology Program Closure 144-BS Biology: Physiology Program Closure 145-CHEM 135 New Course and GE: Science of Sport
146-BA Physics Program Closure 147-BA Astronomy Program Closure 148-BS Astronomy Program Redesign - Change in Credits 149-AST 430 Change in Prerequisites 150-BST Physics Program Redesign - Change in Credits
151-ME 201 Added Corequisites 152-CIVE 201 Added Corequisites 153-ME 4/526 Aerosol Theory and Technology New Course 154-BIO 4/540 Course Withdrawal 155-BIO 4/511 Course Withdrawal
156-BIO 4/549 Course Withdrawal 157-RPLS 484 Change in Course Requirements 158-Athletic Training Program Redesign 159-HP 346 Change in Credits 160-HP 347 Change in Credits
161-HP 484 Change in Credits 162-HP 485 Change in Credits 163-Physical Education Teaching Program Redesign 164-HP 201 New Course Intro to Physical Education 165-HP 255 New Course Developmental Movement
166-HP 266 Teaching Dance in PE Change in Credits 167-HP 380 Course Withdrawal 168-HP 386 Methods Change in Credits and Title 169-HP 424 Elementary Methods Change in Credits and Title 170-HP 432 Elementary Field Experience Change in Credits and Title
171-SPEE 4/510 Course Withdrawal 172-SPEE 4/509 New Course: Performance Studies 173-Humanities Major Program Redesign 174-Humanities Minor Program Redesign 175-Dental Hygiene Program Redesign: Degree Completion Program
176-DHYG 441 New Course Advanced Dental Hygiene Practice 177-DHYG 442 New Course: Current Issues in Dental Hygiene 178-DHYG 443 New Course: Technology in Oral Health 179-DHYG 444 New Course: Principles of Oral Health Promotion 180-DHYG 445 New Course: Educational Methods in Dental Hygiene
181-DHYG 451 New Course Dental Hygiene Care Planning 182-DHYG 452 New Course: Decision Making in Periodontology 183-DHYG 453 New Course: Research Methods 184-DHYG 454 New Course: Oral Health Promotion Practice 185-DHYG 455 New Course: Educational Practice in Dental Hygiene
186-DHYG 456 New Course: Oral Medicine and Treatment Planning 187- 188-Interior Design - Program Suspension 189-SOC 102 Course Withdrawal: Intro to Social Thought (GE 5) 190-Sociology Minor: Change in Requirements
191-Sociology: Change in Course Number (100 to 150) 192-International Relations: Change in Program Requirements 193-POLS 102 Course Withdrawal: Politics of Diversity in Film 194-Political Science Program Redesign 195-POLS 105 Course Withdrawal: Politics in Cyberspace
196-POLS 4/521 Course Withdrawal: Research Methods 197- 198- 199- 200-
201-GEOG 4/558: Course Title Change 202-GEOG 4/574 New Course: Introduction to Remote Sensing 203-GEOG 4/575 New Course: Advanced Remote Sensing 204-Theatre/Dance Program Redesign: BFA 205-Program Redesign Theatre/Dance: BA/BS
206-Theatre Minor: Change in Program Requirements 207-Dance - New Major 208-POLS 107 Course Withdrawal: Freedom and Authority 209-POLS 321 Course Withdrawal: Public Policy Analysis and Evaluation 210-THEA 111 - New Course: Private Voice for Actors
211-THEA 123 - Beginning Jazz Dance: Change in Credits 212-THEA 125 - Afro-Carribean Dance Forms: Change in Credits 213-THEA 126 - Beginning Ballet: Change in Credits 214-THEA 127 - Beginning Tap Dance: Change in Credits 215-THEA 128 - Beginning Modern Dance: Change in Credits
216-THEA 211 - Musical Theatre Acting I: New Course 217-THEA 214 - Singing for the Actor: Change in Course Number 218-THEA 228 - Intermediate Modern Dance: Change in Credits 219-THEA 245 - Scene Painting I: New Course 220-THEA 281 - Play Analysis: New Course
221-THEA 311 - Private Voice for the Actor: New Course 222-THEA 320 - Dance Conditioning: New Course 223-THEA 321 - Dance Composition I: Change in Title 224-THEA 322 - Dance Improvisation: New Course 225-THEA 323 - Advanced Jazz Dance: New Course
226-THEA 325 - Movement Analysis: Laban Studies--New Course 227-THEA 326 - Advanced Ballet: New Course 228-THEA 327 - Advanced Tap: New Course 229-THEA 400 - Portfolio Seminar: Change in Number 230-THEA 421 - Dance Composition II: New Course
231-THEA 427 - Topics in Dance: New Course 232-THEA 428 - Dance Repertory: New Course 233-THEA 4/511 - Theatre Acting II: New Title 234-THEA 4/514 - Stage Dialects I: Change in Credits 235-THEA 4/515 - Stage Dialects II: Change in Credits
236-THEA 4/525 - Styles of Motion: Change in Credits 237-THEA 4/526 - Stage Combat: Change in Credits 238-THEA 4/544 - Styles and Ornamentation: New Course 239-THEA 4/545 - Scene Painting II: Change in Title 240-THEA 4/575 - Sound Design I: Change in Title
241-THEA 4/576 - Sound Design II: New Course 242-THEA 4/583 - Musical Theatre History: New Course 243-COMS 340 - Database Management Systems I: Change in Pre-requisites 244-EET 427 - Statistical Quality Control: New Course 245-CIVE 4/567 - Earth Structures: New Course
246-Nursing - Change in Program Requirements: Limit course repeats 247-Nursing - Change in Program Name: RN to BS Completion Program 248-NURS 320 - Nursing Theory and Research: New Course 249-NURS 342 - Gerontological Nursing for RNs: New Course 250-NURS 352 - Altered Human Functioning for RNs: New Course
251-NURS 382 - Provider of Care I: New Course 252-NURS 402 - Psychosocial Nursing: Revised Course Description and Outcomes 253-NURS 412 - Management and Principles of Care: New Course 254-NURS 472 - Provider of Care II: New Course 255-NURS 473 - Provider of Care II Clinical: New Course
256-THEA 413 - Theatre Speech II: Change in Credits 257-THEA 412 - Theatre Speech I: Change in Credits 258-POL 4/520 - Topics in Political Methods: Change in Course Number 259-POL 4/582 Campaigns and Elections: Change in Course Number 260-POL 4/583 - Political Parties: Change in Course Number
261-POL 4/584 - Women in Politics: Change in Course Number 262-POL 4/585 - Terrorism and Political Violence: Change in Course Number 263-POL 4/586 - Racial and Ethnic Politics: Change in Course Number 264-POL 4/587 - Political Psychology: Change in Course Number 265-POL 4/523 - Public Opinion and Polling Methods: Change in Course Number


Last Update: 2005-05-06