Integrated Academic Planning

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Phase 4: Integrated Academic Plan Drafting and Review

2nd Cycle of Campus Review

Academic Degree Program Planning (College summaries are provided directly below with academic program planning tools and draft documents available at: Integrated Academic Planning SharePoint*)

Submit your Academic Degree Program Planning Feedback Here  

   [PDF] College of Allied Health and Nursing (348 KiB)

     [PDF] College of Arts and Humanities (220 KiB)

     [PDF] College of Business (308 KiB)

     [PDF] College of Education (129 KiB)

     [PDF] College of Science, Engineering and Technology (342 KiB)

     [PDF] College of Social and Behavioral Sciences (154 KiB)

Extraordinary Education Task Force Recommendations

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     [PDF] Teaching Excellence and Innovation (154 KiB)

     [PDF] Academic Advising (227 KiB)

    [PDF]  Academic Engagement Programs & Opportunities (253 KiB)

     [PDF] Research, Scholarly and Creative Activity (408 KiB)

 *Note that the academic program planning tools and draft documents are availabe on a secure intranet site requiring campus credentials for access.

 Feedback Collected During the 1st Cycle of Campus Review

     [PDF] Online Feedback Summary  (137 KiB)


Integrated Strategic Plan