Human Resource Mgmt Minor

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This course examines the effective management of the human resources of organizations. Topics include analyzing jobs and writing job descriptions; recruiting and hiring of applicants; complying with employment law; managing promotions, quits, and layoffs; employee training and development; evaluating job performance; determining compensation; and managing human resources in a unionized environment.

Prerequisites: none

Concepts, theories, and empirical research on organizational behavior are studied. Models and tools for diagnosing situations, individual behavior, group behavior, intergroup conflicts, supervisory problems and organizational change are analyzed.

Prerequisites: none

Students learn how to hire the best talent available using sound professional methods. Students design and present legally defensible recruiting and screening techniques for jobs they have analyzed.

Prerequisites: MGMT 340 

The focus of this course is operating an effective, efficient, legal and responsible system for compensating one's employees. Includes the workings of labor markets, analyzing jobs, finding the market value for jobs, designing a pay structure, appraising performance, setting individual pay, determining benefits, occupations requiring special pay programs.

Prerequisites: MGMT 340 

Students design and deliver training by assessing client needs, defining learning outcomes, choosing effective methods, training, and evaluating results.

Prerequisites: MGMT 340 

This capstone course examines how the strategic management of the human resources of an organization can enhance organizational success. The course investigates how to achieve strategic congruence between an organizations strategy and HR management. Topics covered include the interrelationships among the HR disciplines, ethics, sustainability, social responsibility, the role of the HR professional, managing workforce changes, achieving competitive advantage through HR, HR performance metrics, and organizational effectiveness.

Prerequisites: MGMT 340