Music and Entertainment Industries Minor


We are passionate about music, the people who make it, and how ultimately, it can help change the world for the better. In the Music Industries Studies Minor, we work with each student individually to reach beyond expectation, creatively and academically, through hands-on experience in real life settings to explore the greater music industry and the explosion of opportunity in today’s creative careers. Faculty, students, and ensembles are warm and welcoming to majors and non-majors alike.

We offer the education, experience, and personal support you need to to find meaningful opportunities and career potential in today’s exciting music and entertainment marketplace. 

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A survey of career opportunities in Music Industry.

Prerequisites: none

An introductory course in musical creativity using technology, audio recording, and computer based music. Explore basic audio processing, routing, and live sound design, and creative projects that draw from experimental cinema, electoacoustics, EDM, and contemporary music. You don't have to be able to read music to take this class.SchedulingCheck current bulletin.

Prerequisites: none

Goal Areas: GE-13

Restricted Electives

Music Electives - Choose 12 Credit(s). Choose any combination of MUSC and MUSP courses