Geography (MS)


The Geography MS provides students an applied learning environment with emphasis on high-impact research and learning experiences. Geography students gain expertise in natural and/or human systems that can be applied to solving real-world problems; quantitative and qualitative field and laboratory methods; geospatial technologies (GIS, GPS, GNSS, Remote Sensing); conducting scientific inquiry; and communicating scientific results/data to the public. Students are trained to be successful in public and private sectors, or continue to a Ph.D. program.

Two options are available: 1) a 30-credit coursework and research thesis option; or 2) a 34-credit coursework and Alternate Plan Paper (APP) option. Students who complete the Geography MS are competitive for an applied professional career or admission to nationally recognized doctoral degree programs. 

Catalog Year



Master of Science

Major Credits


Total Credits




Program Requirements

Common Core

The history and development of geographic thought from ancient times to the late 20th century.

Prerequisites: none

Research/Methods Course(s)

Required of MS professional degree candidates. To acquaint students with the geographer's perspective and methods of inquiry; to examine types of geographic research; to develop student's ability in producing research papers; to give students experience in writing research papers and to provide students experience in professional oral presentation.

Prerequisites: none

Restricted Electives

Choose any 500/600 level elective courses in consultation with an advisor. 15 credits must by taken in Geography.

Capstone Course

Select either Thesis or Alternate Plan Paper (APP)

Student culminating experience in lieu of a thesis.

Prerequisites: none

A culminating project related to basic or applied research

Prerequisites: none