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Modeling and Simulation (M&S) is a modern language in science. M&S is based on the fundamental notion that science proceeds from models that approximate the real world. Simulation permits repeated observation from these models, often coupled with visual representation of quantitative data, which in turn permits analysis (drawing conclusions, verifying and validating those conclusions, and making recommendations based on those conclusions). This Graduate Certificate provides a basic grounding in the concepts of modeling and simulation, an opportunity to develop a specific focus within that field, and a demonstration of skill in applying those concepts.


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Modeling and Simulation GC
  • Mankato
12 / 12

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600 Level

Credits: 4

Survey of core concepts and methods of modeling and simulation. This course includes a broad array of computer laboratory based exercises, and a student-designed project by the end of the course.

Prerequisites: none

Credits: 4

Survey of core concepts, methods, and applications of data-driven modeling and big data analysis. Each topic is designed as a weekly module and the course includes a broad array of computer laboratory based exercises, real world problems based case studies, and a student-designed term project.

Prerequisites: none

Credits: 1

Seminar course in which students present and defend the modeling and simulation work undertaken in the required discipline-based capstone/individual study course.

Prerequisites: none