Interdisciplinary Studies

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Interdisciplinary Studies is designed to give highly-motivated, self-directed students an opportunity to work with the faculty to create their own program and earn an undergraduate degree. Interdisciplinary Studies is a liberal-education program designed for students who wish to major in an interdisciplinary area with coherency of design.


Program Locations Major / Total Credits
Interdisciplinary Studies BS BS - Bachelor of Science
  • Mankato
49 / 120

Policies & Faculty


Admission to Major: Admission will be granted to students who meet eligibility requirements and who complete a formal application to the Interdisciplinary Studies program. Eligibility requirements are as follows:

  1. Student must have a current, cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher, according to the Minnesota State Mankato records.
  2. Student should apply after earning a minimum of 32 semester credits and before completing 80 semester credits, according to Minnesota State Mankato records. Students having more than 80 credits may still be considered for the Interdisciplinary Studies program if they are willing to meet all requirements of the program.
  3. After meeting with the Director of Interdisciplinary Studies, the student must submit a formal application on a form provided by the director.

Areas of Concentration. Students seeking the Interdisciplinary Studies degree will select three academic areas in which to concentrate their work. A faculty in each of the three areas of study should be selected to help them arrange and oversee their course work.

Continuation in Program. The following rules explain the requirements for a student to continue in the Interdisciplinary Studies program and to receive a university degree. The Interdisciplinary Studies major must:

  1. Maintain a minimum 2.5 GPA overall for the three areas of study.
  2. Every course counted in the three areas must have a "C" or better, unless "P/NC" is specified for a course.
  3. Complete all university's graduation requirements.
  4. Complete a minimum of 15 credit hours in each of the three areas of study.
  5. Complete a capstone project synthesizing the areas of study in IDST 496.

Contact Information

Coordinator (507) 389-2886


400 Level

Credits: 1-4

The BS in Open Studies and BS in Interdisciplinary Studies culminate in a capstone experience course which students take during their final semester of studies. Students reflect upon their learning to understand how their coursework has prepared them to transition from the academic world into the professional world. This is a variable-credit course that can be taken for 1-4 credits depending on each student's needs and under consultation with their advisor. The workload increases with each credit. The requirements for this course are dependent on academic focus and goals for the future.

Prerequisites: none

Credits: 1-4

Extend coursework into the professional world. Internship must be arranged in consultation with advisor.

Prerequisites: none

Credits: 1-4

Individualized learning to be arranged with advisor.

Prerequisites: none