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Open Studies is a flexible, customizable, and multidisciplinary area of study allowing students to choose classes from across the curriculum that align with their interests, needs, and goals. General Studies is intended for students who have a high volume of credits and uninterested inor unable to complete a traditional major in a reasonable amount of time.

Veterans Education Benefits are not approved for flight training, or any other course or courses where tuition is paid to any entity other than Minnesota State University, Mankato.


Program Locations Total Credits
Open Studies BS BS - Bachelor of Science 120

Policies & Faculty


  1. Complete the university's General Education program or the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum (MTC).
  2. Complete the university's Diverse Cultures and the Writing Intensive graduation requirements.
  3. Only the maximum allowable Credits for Prior Learning as defined by university policy count toward the degree.
  4. Complete at least 40 semester credit hours of upper-division (300-400) coursework.
  5. Earn at least 30 credit hours from Minnesota State Mankato.
  6. No more than 25% of total semester credits are Pass (P)/No Credit (NC).
  7. Earn a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of at least 2.0 including all course credits completed at Minnesota State Mankato and all course credits transferred and accepted from other post-secondary higher education institutions.
  8. Earn 120 semester credit hours. (Development-level course credits do not apply to the degree.)
  9. Only the maximum allowable credits as defined by university policy can count towards both the General Studies major and any additional majors, minors, or certificates.

Contact Information

(507) 389-2886


  • Alisa Eimen, Ph.D.