Benefits of Educational Talent Search

Below are some of the many benefits of being part of Educational Talent Search

Post-secondary Program Recognition

Colleges throughout the United States recognize and support TRIO programs and recognize the commitment a student has to their future by investing their time in a pre-college program such as Educational Talent Search.

Several colleges in Minnesota offer both admission fee waivers and/or scholarship incentives simply because you identify yourself as an ETS/TRIO student. Many others have competitive scholarships in which your participation in the ETS program is one of the required criteria.

Educational Talent Search will monitor and review grades throughout the year and send recognition to those participants who earn the honor roll hopefully giving you a great display of your academic achievements at your high school graduation.

ETS gives you the opportunity to add to your involvement resume by being a part of the ETS college club while learning new career and college readiness skills.

Career and College Support

Educational Talent Search has an advisor assigned to each target school served. Every ETS participant will have a primary advisor that works with them on individual career and college planning, as well as an entire team working to provide events and virtual opportunities. The ETS advisor provides academic, career and college information and guidance to optimize exploration and planning, as a supplement to their opportunities in their respective high schools.

The support provided by ETS includes (but is not limited to):

  • Academic support by monitoring and discussing grades throughout the academic year and offering an online 24/7 tutoring program to anyone who has the desire to better understand their subject.
    • Learn more about and what students are saying about it
  • Partnership with your school counselor to expand the individualized attention to your career and college planning.
  • Continuous service throughout secondary school with age/grade appropriate opportunities and information. This is one huge advantage of joining early—you don’t miss out on the basics.
  • Lifelong support. We have many students count on our services the summer prior to entry or even once they arrive on a college campus. Our goal is your graduation from a postsecondary institution so we’ll continue to support you through connecting you to the people you need on your campus and support your journey.
  • FAFSA information and support with FAFSA completion whether that be through a workshop or one to one with your family. We want to help you maximize your aid with scholarships, FAFSA completion and have you understand the process and information
  • Summer camps, reading programs, summer school supply incentives to participants, and opportunities to attend college events such as athletics and theater for participants and their families.

Financial Incentives

Educational Talent Search is able to pay or waiver your college application fees to help relieve the financial strain to you or your family.

ETS can provide up to two ACT fee waivers providing you meet the income qualifications.

All ETS career exploration, college visit, and conferences are free of cost to our participants including meals, entry fees, lodging (college campus/hotel), event transportation and other related necessary costs.

Scholarships are offered at the local, state and national level for only those who have participated in a TRIO program. ETS will also be sure you are aware of other scholarship opportunities to lower your costs of college.

ETS may sponsor students in camp opportunities such as ID Tech, Aviation camp, or other STEM opportunities.

Find the waivers and other financial resources here. 

It is Free!

There is no cost to you and your family to be in the program!

Once you are accepted into the program you not only have FREE access to all of ETS services but, you also get financial assistance on college applications, ACT testing, SAT testing, ACT Study Materials, free ETS events, some free Minnesota State University athletic events.

Starting Early

College planning doesn't have to start in your Junior year of High school. Here we outline why joining early and working on your future goals in Junior High can better prepare you for college and careers.