Sammie Bubalo, Sophomore Elementary Ed LCC


Welcome… I’m your LCC Sammie Bubalo!

I am so excited to meet you the fall.  I will be a resource for you as you navigate through your first year of college here at Minnesota State University, Mankato!  Being involved with the sophomore elementary education learning community will help you academically as well as socially, so utilize me and your peers as much as you can!

Major: Special Education and psychology minor 

How/what made you decide this major? I worked at an after-school program throughout high school and loved working with the students. The relationships I was able to make with the students were incredible and the feeling that I have such an impact on student’s lives is something I will never take for granted.  

Year in School: Senior 

Hometown: Ham Lake, MN 

Favorite Food: Any form of seafood or coffee! 

Advice for LC Students: Get as involved as you can on campus! Whether that be learning community events or joining a RSO on campus, you will meet some incredible people and have so many amazing opportunities that will make your college years memorable. 

Smartest thing you ever did/best decision you ever made: The smartest thing I have done throughout my college career is joining a learning community my freshman year! This will be my 4th year being involved in the learning communities and I can confidently say that I would not have made the incredible relationships with both faculty and students around campus. I also would not have met some of my best friends that have made both this job and my college experience as incredible as it has been these past 3 years. 

Favorite thing about MSU: My favorite thing about MSU is the atmosphere around campus. My favorite time to be on campus is when the fountain is running, and all the students are out and about. It’s such a relaxing feeling and I love sitting there and doing homework. 

Campus/LC Involvement: This will be my 4th year involved with the learning communities as either a student or a coordinator. I was in the exploring teaching careers LC my freshmen year and have been the coordinator for both the first generation and freshman elementary education communities. I will also be the president of Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society this upcoming year.  

Favorite thing to do in Mankato: My favorite thing to in Mankato is go downtown and try out all the local coffee shops. Going to hockey games is a close second because the atmosphere is incredible. 

Favorite things to do outside of school/coursework: Outside of school I love to get outside, workout, or spend time at my church. I also love getting to spend time with my friends and family whenever I get the

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