Isua-Esse (IE) Effiong , Transfer LCC


Welcome… I’m your LCC, Isua-eese (IE)

I am so excited to meet you the fall.  I will be a resource for you as you navigate through your first year of college here at Minnesota State University, Mankato!  Being involved with the Transfer Learning Community will help you academically as well as socially, so utilize me and your peers as much as you can!

Major: Nursing

How/what made you decide this major? I chose to study nursing because I am deeply passionate about helping others and easing their pain. The idea of being a source of comfort and support during challenging times resonates with me. Nursing allows me to combine my caring nature with the skills needed to make a meaningful difference in people's lives, which is both fufilling and inspiring to me. 

Year in School: Junior

Hometown: Nigeria

Favorite Food: Jollof Rice

Advice for LC Students: Remember to maintain a balance between your academic commitments and personal well-being. Taking breaks, staying physically active, and nuturing your mental health are crucial. 

Smartest thing you ever did/best decision you ever made: Participating in MAVpass classes at Minnesota State Universiy has proven to be one of the smartest decisions I've made during my academic journey. 

Favorite thing about MSU:What I really like about MSU is its diverse community. The campus brings together people from all around, which has expanded my understanding and given me a chance to learn about different cultures and ideas. It's a welcoming place that goes beyond just classes. 

Campus/LC Involvement: I was in the Transfer Learning Community last year and now am the LCC of it!

Favorite thing to do in Mankato: I enjoy Mankato's beauty and Kato Escape's Puzzles. 

Favorite things to do outside of school/coursework: I love to play simulation games. 

Anything else we should know about you? I love Afrobeats music. 

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