Why Should I Join a Learning Community?

  • My parents did not go to college and I'm so lost!

  • I don't understand all this "lingo"!

  • When I get to school, how will I meet people?

  • I'm not even sure what the next steps are once I get to campus!

Do any of these things sound like you?

As a first generation student at college, it is hard to know you are headed down the right path.  Let us help you!  Join the Maverick Firsts: A First Generation Learning Community (oh, there is some lingo - what is that?)

  • A Learning community is an opportunity for you as a student to take some of your classes with others in your community, providing a way to connect with other students and to be sure you are on the right path to graduation!
  • Each learning community has their own peer mentor (Learning Community Coordinator (LCC)) who is dedicated to the success of students in their community. The LCC will assist you in setting academic goals, develops study groups for you to attend and events for you to get to know campus and other students better.
  • As a Learning Community student, you have the opportunity to live on the same floor as others in your Learning Community.  This is not required, but you could live in a renovated double room and be surrounded by those in your classes.  Don't worry, if you love your roommate, they can move with you if you would like!
Listen to the benefits Mackenzie and Mikhaila found by joining a Learning Community (they are both going to be LCC's this year too!)

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  • Make your Lifelong Friends!
    • Learning Community students often say they made their best friends in the Learning Community.  Learning community members tend to make friendships that last as they learn, dream, and discover college life together. 
  • Earn a higher GPA!
    • Take courses with others in your Learning Community!  Courses will either fulfill requirements for specific majors or University General Education.  Students do not have to take all courses listed for each semester based on advisor recommendation.
  • Get to know faculty outside of the classroom.  Faculty may attend social and academic support events.  Many are excited about what learning communities are doing on our campus!
  • Engage with an upper-level student dedicated to helping you set and achieve academic goals, your Learning Community Coordinator (LCC).
  • There is life outside of the classroom--and your learning community will help you make the most of it! Your LCC, fellow students, and faculty you meet through the community, will help you find ways to get involved in student organizations, academic clubs and the Greater Mankato community.
  • Your learning community will choose and participate in a service project, either on campus or in the Mankato community.
  • MOVE-IN EARLY!  Beat the crowds and move to campus a day before everyone else!

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