Learning Communities Testimonials

What students are saying about learning communities.

I think the learning community is an amazing plan for any first year student coming in! I instantly made friends and we have a lot of the same classes together so we all talk and help each other out. It’s also nice to have that group of fellow people in your major to talk with and discuss the future.

I found a group of people with similar goals to myself, but from different backgrounds and majors. It gave me a place to fit in the first day on campus. The learning community provided me with a community and opportunities.

If you want to build a unity, have more opportunities and create your idenity...Go Learning Community!

I have met so many great people through the learning community and I have made so many great connections around campus that I will use for the rest of my college career. I am glad that I signed up for it and that continued for a second year!

The Learning Communities program helped me grow academically as a student and it helped me grow professionally as a leader. The program helped me see my potential and allowed me to use my strengths to serve others. The program connected me with some of the most inspirational students, staff, and faculty on campus and allowed me to form strong friendships that will last a lifetime. I am beyond grateful for all that this program has done for me.

My Learning Community has been such an incredible support to me, both as a built-in study group for some of my hardest classes and as a social outlet. I find that the group keeps me involved in my school, inspiring me to work hard to succeed and to help others with similar goals in mind.