Thomas , Writing Tutor


Greetings everyone, I'm Thomas. I am in my second year pursuing my MFA in Creative Writing with a focus on poetry. I completed a BA in English & American Literature from the University of Texas at El Paso with a Minor in Creative Writing and an MA in TESL from MNSU Mankato with a concentration in speaking & listening. I have been teaching at South Central College since 2019 in the EAP (English for Academic Purposes) section of the Liberal Arts Department. I teach English Composition for Multilingual Learners; English for Algebra; Oral Communication & Literacy; and College Writing & Grammar. Prior to this, I taught Speaking & Listening for the University's IEP (Intensive English Language Program) from 2018-2019. I also occasionally adjunct at MNSU for the English Department teaching Composition 101 for Multilingual Writers.

My focus is on International and Multilingual learners, but I also enjoy teaching native English speakers in terms of essays and research papers. My writing formats are MLA and APA. I am a word nerd who loves to explore the world of logology and I use that knowledge when I'm busy on the weekends writing poetry.

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