Grading Method Change After Final Grade Posted

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, students were given the opportunity to change their grading method before the end of the term.  Students have another opportunity to request this change from May 15 – June 15, 2020.  Because this change can impact your academic standing, it is important that you request this change during this timeframe.

Your grading method can be changed from Letter Grade (A-F) to Pass/No Credit OR from Pass/No Credit to Letter Grade (A-F).

To request a change in grading method, please complete the eForm:   Grading Method Change Form

If you previously requested a Pass/No Credit grading method and wish to learn the actual letter grade your faculty member would have assigned, please review D2L or contact your instructor. If you are unable to obtain your grade using one of these methods, please contact Registration and Academic Records on Maverick OneStop. We will only send your grade to your Minnesota State Mankato email account.

Additionally, the CARES Act has changed the requirements for calculating student Satisfactory Academic Progress for Spring 2020. Grades of W (if earned after March 12, 2020), I or IP will be removed from the attempted credits in the calculation of a student’s completion percentage. If you were advised to remain in a class rather than withdraw from it, please contact your academic advisor for additional information and next steps.