Grade Changes

Grade Change Requests are submitted via Faculty Application/Grade Change.

  • Requests will be accepted for:
    • I's (Incomplete) to earned grade
    • IP's (In Progress) to earned grade
    • Missing grade to earned grade
    • Errors in the calculation of the original grade
    • Incomplete/In Progress/Missing grades that were converted to F or NC
  • Grade Changes are not accepted for situations involving grades of W.
  • Grade Change requests can be submitted by the instructor via Faculty Application/Grade Change for up to two calendar years from the original term of enrollment of the course.
  • If the course is past the two-year deadline, the Department Chair needs to contact Registration and Academic Records via Maverick OneStop.
  • Grade change requests are received by Registration and Academic Records and are checked to make sure they meet university grading policy.
  • Approved grade changes are entered on the student records system within 1 week of grade change request.
  • Requests that do not meet university policy will be sent back to the instructor.

Grading System for Deans/Department Chairs/Instructors

Deans, Department Chairs and Instructors can view electronic grade changes, In Progress grades, Incomplete grades and Z (missing grades) by logging into the Grade Change System.

Questions regarding Grade Changes can be submitted via Maverick OneStop.