Grade Entry Via E-Services

How to enter a grade In E-Services

  • Go to E-Services and login using your StarID/password.
  • Click on the Faculty drop down on the upper left side and then select Grade and LDA Entry.
  • You should see a list of the courses you taught during the chosen term.
  • Click on Enter Grades at the end of the line for the course you wish to enter grades.
  • The Class roster will display. Go to Select Student Participation and select Completed Term, Partially Attended or Never Attended.
  • Enter Grade and Last Date of Attendance if appropriate.
  • After information is entered, click on Post Final Grades.
  • You will be asked to enter your StarID password to verify you are the instructor of the course. Then press Post Gradesif you do not save or post within 20 minutes you will be timed out and have to re-enter the data.

Definition of Partially Attended

Residential Course:

  • Student who quit attending and failed to withdraw.

Online Course:

  • Student who stopped submitting homework assignments or posting messages on the message board in D2L and failed to withdraw.

Definition of Never Attended

Residential Course:

  • Student never showed up for a seat-time course.

Online Course:

  • Student never submitted homework assignments or posted messages on the message board in D2L.

Step-by-step instructions on grade entry

Additional information regarding grades is available at Term Grades.


Items to Note

  • The Faculty App login can be used if there are problems logging in to E-Services/Grade Entry or Grade Change.
  • Grades may be entered seven calendar days prior to the end date of a course.
  • D2L Brightspace Import of grades is available.
  • Students can view grades immediately after being posted in E-services.
    • The drop-down list in the grade field will only display and allow appropriate grades for a student based upon their grading method. Shaded grades (+ and -) are entered using the separate drop-down list.
    • You can post some grades for a course and return later to post the rest. A grade cannot be changed after being posted through E-services/Grade Entry.
  • To change a grade, go to E-Services/Grade Change. For more information go to Grade Changes.
  • Saving a draft of grades does not post the final grades to E-services. You must post Final Grades to complete the process.