Academic Resources

Find resources to help you succeed in courses that are tougher! Everyone needs some extra support from time to time. 

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Many students benefit from an extra helping hand to succeed in courses throughout the semester. Consider the different resources below!

The Center for Academic Success - Located in Memorial Library 116. Tutoring available for writing, languages, math, science, and more. Evening hours are available.

Math and Statistics Learning Center- Located in Wissink Hall 285; tutoring by math/statistics majors and graduate students - Located in the student resources tab on D2L; provides 24/7 access to an online tutor for students who have a hard time going to the standard hours of the academic center.

Upper level accounting course tutoring is also available within the College of Business. 

The Maverick Peer-Facilitated Academic Support System helps students to understand difficult content in challenging courses through study sessions led by students who have already succeeded in the course. 

MavPASS is currently available for: 

  • Accounting 200
  • Physics I (PHYS221)
  • Physics II (PHYS222)
  • Microeconomics (ECON202)
  • Health 101

MavPass Website