After You Arrive

You should plan to report to Minnesota State Mankato by the date listed on your I-20/DS-2019 and no later than the date listed on your I-20/DS-2019. Only under special circumstances may students be allowed to arrive after this date. These circumstances are limited. In such cases students need to obtain a letter of extension which would allow them to come late and still be able to register for classes. Please contact the Kearney International Center for more information at

You must also be ready to explain to the Customs Officer why you are coming to the U.S. and what your plans are:

If you arrive at the airport after the shuttle ends for the day (the last one leaves to Mankato at 8:30 p.m.), you will need to stay in a hotel overnight and take the bus the next morning (when the first departure will be at 9 a.m.).

The Land to Air shuttle will take you to the Centennial Student Union on campus. They are open 24 hours/day and will be able to answer questions when you arrive or take you to Carksoski Commons if you are living on campus. Their phone number is 507-389-2111.

International students planning to live on campus may move in early. Early arriving students will be billed $19 per day to their student account.

  • If you arrive on campus when Residential Life is open (M-F, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.), they should check-in at our office (111 Carkoski Commons).
  • If you arrive when their office is closed, check in with University Security in Wiecking (where Land to Air is taking you).
  • You can check-in at any time of the day or night. University Security will escort you to your room assignment.

Anyone wishing to quarantine after they arrive can contact Residential Life at

If you will be living off-campus, you will need to arrange for a taxi to take you to your destination which may be a hotel or an apartment (if you made pre-arrangements with your apartment or house leasing agent).

Are you planning to live off-campus but would like to stay on campus until you find an apartment or house? University residence halls are not intended for short-term stays. They are only available to students who will live there all year. Therefore, you will need to plan on staying in a local hotel until you finalize your off-campus housing arrangements.

QUESTIONS? We are looking forward to meeting you at Orientation! We wish you safe travels and happy travels. Should you have questions before or after you arrive, please contact the Kearney Center at or 507-389-1281.

If you are planning to send money from home by wire transfer, it can take at least 1 week for money from your home country to be available in your bank account here. Plan ahead so you have ready access to enough funds when you arrive.  

Two of the most important fees that you will need to pay immediately when you arrive on campus are for health insurance and a tuition deposit ($300). Students are unable to register for courses until they have first purchased their health insurance. 

  • Checking in for immigration purposes 

  • Paying your health insurance right away ($901) so you can register for classes 

  • Paying your $300 tuition deposit 

  • Applying for a bank account 

  • Applying for your MavCard (ID card) 

  • Set up your MSU technology accounts 

  • Finding a place to live, if you haven’t already 

  • Taking math or English placement testing if required 

  • Meeting with the Registrar’s Office if you are transferring credits from another university 

  • Learning about important topics 

  • Meeting with an academic advisor to learn about your study program 

  • Registering for courses 

  • Making new friends 

We want you to have the best experience possible, so if you aren’t able to arrive on time, you will have two options:

  1. Begin your studies online from outside the U.S.
  2. Defer your admission to Minnesota State Mankato.

For questions about deferring your admission, please contact the Admissions Office at

Bring your own phone to stay connected to friends and family back home while meeting new friends on campus! campusSIMs offers international students monthly plans with no contract.International texting is free and included in all plans. Visit campusSIMS to reserve your SIM card before you come to campus. 


We are looking forward to meeting you at Orientation! We wish you safe travels and happy travels. Should you have questions before or after you arrive, please contact the Kearney International Center at or 507-389-1281.