Step 1. Provide Proof of Financial Ability to Attend and Request I-20

You must provide proof of financial ability to attend and officially request your I-20 to initiate processing. We cannot create your documents if you do not request them! Once requested, it takes 14-21 business days to receive your I-20 if your financial documents are approved.

PLEASE NOTE: Financial documentation is reviewed first. If your financial documentation does not meet the financial documentation requirements, we will not process your I-20.

Be sure to read through all the information and scroll down for the I-20 Request button.

  • You are required to provide financial proof that you are able to afford the first year's education and associated fees.
Download Financial Sponsor Letter Template
Bachelor's Tuition & Fees Master's & Doctoral Tuition & Fees
  • We need you to confirm all information is accurate by completing the I-20 Request Form. See our sample here on what appears on the I-20:
Sample I-20: Page 1 I-20 Sample: Page 2 I-20 Sample: Page 3

 To make sure your I-20 is accurate:

  • The information you provided for admission is the same information that will appear on your I-20, including your name, date of birth, country of citizenship, country of birth, proposed major course(s) of study, etc.
  • The name on your I-20 must be exactly as it appears on your passport. It is best to confirm that all your names are spelled correctly and in the same order on all your documents.
  • The major you selected on your application for admission is the major listed on your I-20. If you selected two, your I-20 will list both majors. Minors do not appear on I-20s.
  • You will be required to attach a copy of your passport photo page to your I-20 Request Form.

Minnesota State University, Mankato sends all I-20s to your personal email on file. Please do NOT list your email on the form. You will receive your I-20 as a password-protected pdf and you must print it for visa appointments and travel.

I-20 Request Deadlines

To ensure that you have adequate time to schedule a visa appointment and arrive on time for your desired start date, Minnesota State University has implemented I-20 Request Deadlines. You must submit your e-form on or before the deadlines indicated below. No exceptions will be made to this policy, so plan accordingly. 

Bachelor's Students Outside the U.S.
Fall start: June 1
Spring start: October 1
Master's & Doctoral Students Outside the U.S.
Fall start: June 1
Spring start: November 1
All International Students with a valid F-1 Visa
Fall start: August 15
Spring start: December 20

submit financial documentation and Request Your I-20

When you have received your I-20, please move on to Step 2: Apply for Your F-1 Visa.