International Maverick Prep Club

This innovative program is designed to assist new first-year international students transition to the American education system and University programming.

International Maverick Prep Club.png

Who is this program for?

This mandatory program is for all new, undergraduate international students who have not studied in a U.S. post-secondary institution prior to beginning at Minnesota State University.

When do students take part in this program? 

Students are automatically enrolled in the International Maverick Prep Club after they are granted an F-1 visa AND they are within six (6) weeks of their program start date. 

Before students arrive in Mankato, the Prep Club offers the following support:

  • An assigned peer mentor to answer pre-arrival questions via Telegram and/or D2L
  • An online orientation to help them prepare for their arrival in Mankato
  • Pre-Arrival webinars and virtual events

After students arrive in Mankato and throughout their first semester, the Prep Club offers the following support:

  • Your assigned peer mentor will continue to support you through orientation and the first semester
  • On-campus programming to help you understand employment, cultural adjustment and academic expectations
  • Social events to help you meet new friends and find your place on campus
  • Guided meetings with your academic advisors and immigration advisors
  • Group volunteer and community service projects to help you build a network beyond the KIC and other campus resources

First-year students can expect to attend approximately 12-15 hours of in-person programming throughout the semester for the International Maverick Prep Club. If students complete the entire program checklist by the semester deadline, they will automatically be awarded three (3) International Maverick Scholarship points. 

Program Deadline

First-year students must complete their Prep Club checklist by the following dates:

  • Fall start students: November 15
  • Spring start students: April 15